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Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City

By Jadato @jadatonet
Hello readers,
We have almost made it to Friday and I have to tell you that it can't come fast enough. I am SO ready to have a long relaxing weekend, with the only thing I really have to attend is my friend Leah's wedding on Saturday. I was thinking about REALLY re-visiting my wardrobe to start trying to mix things up a lot more in there. I have seen every single episode of Sex and the City multiple times and every time I still find fresh inspiration in Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe. Granted she doesn't get every outfit right but she has fun wearing every single one. I need to visit a thrift store again after bringing in some Carrie inspirational outfits and try to re-create her outfits from the show. Here is a fresh view of her memorable outfits from the show and a reminder how it really inspired strong women who weren't afraid to take risks.
Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City
Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City
Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the CityXOXO

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