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Care for Aging Cats

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

The Older Cat: Recognizing Decline & Extending LifeAging cats are going to take a little more maintenance as they get older and visits to the vet should become more regular to ensure that any problems are dealt with before they become a bigger worry.

Older cats will need a little more comfort as they are not as limber as they once were and giving them a nice soft surface to sleep on, away from drafts and in the warmth, will ensure that they remain in good health for longer.

Quite often cats will find a favorite place to sleep and as they are very clean animals, this place will need to be cleaned on regular basis or they will tend to move to other sleeping areas after a while. There are some excellent cat beds available on the market designed to be very comfortable. They are relatively cheap and most of them are designed to wrap around the cat as they lie in their natural curled up sleeping position.

This gives the cat support and also a sense of security and the good beds are made of materials that can be easily washed and dried to help maintain cleanliness and ensure that your cat stays in that same place most of the time.

One of the biggest problems that you need to consider as your cat ages is to have its teeth checked on a regular basis as teeth problems are one of the biggest causes of ill health in older cats. In fact it is often said that cats that live longest are those that don’t have any teeth left. They can get a buildup of plaque on the teeth and this can cause gum problems. These gum problems can cause infections that lead to the deterioration of their internal organs and reduction in the quality of life and the length of their life so try to get your cat’s teeth checked at least once every six months as they get older.

Some breeds of cats and more prone to teeth problems than others and a lot of this depends upon the type of food you are feeding them and also the way that they eat as some cats like to chew more than others, with the chewing helping to clean plague off the teeth.

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