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Capture the Essence of Your City: In One Photograph

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins
Photo of Stuttgart

The Essence of Stuttgart, Germany in One Photo: By Laurel of Expat in Germany

Capture the Essence of Your City:  In One Photograph.  This was the challenge put out to Expat in Germany readers and fellow travel bloggers in my post The Essence of Stuttgart Germany in One Photo.  WARNING:  The results may inspire wanderlust.

The Essence of Würzburg, Germany:  By Kim Davidson of Nicht Mein Bier

Wuerzburg photo

The Essence of Würzburg captured by Kim Davidson of Nicht Mein Bier

“I wanted to share the image I  think  captures Würzburg, which is where my fiance is from.” – Kim

The Essence of Vancouver, Canada :  By Leigh McAdam of Hike Bike Travel

Vancouver photo

The Essence of Vancouver captured by Leigh McAdam of Hike Bike Travel

“My city – a least for now is Vancouver. I think this shot captures how the beach life gets intertwined with city life – and the two aren’t far removed. The sea is never from from your doorstep in Vancouver and it’s always calling.” – Leigh

The Essence of Prague, Czech Republic:  By Dana Newman of Wanted Adventure

Prague photos

The Essence of Prague captured by Dana Newman of Wanted Adventure

“Prague is an enchanting city known for its charming cobblestone walkways, warm cafes, quaint bridges, and sky-piercing spires. This photo of the moon coming up over the Charles Bridge (on the right) and the Church of St. Francis dome (towards the left) was taken as dusk melted into night. It wholly captures the very essence of Prague’s utter romanticism.” – Dana

The Essence of Minneapolis, U.S.A :  By Evan of Sensible Travel Advice

minneapolis photo

The Essence of Minneapolis captured by Evan of Sensible Travel Advice

“Minneapolis, Minnesota has gotten a bad reputation as a city with bone-chilling winters.  While winters can be rough, often lost is how great the city is the rest the year.  In this picture, taken from the Stone Arch Bridge, you can see the Mississippi River (the headwaters are in Minnesota), ancient flour mill ruins (the industry the built the city), and modern skyscrapers (which power today’s city).” – Evan

The Essence of Stuttgart, Germany:  By Bastian Atzger of Bastian C. Atzger

Stuttgart photo

The Essence of Stuttgart captured by Bastian of Bastian C. Atzger

Submitted by Bastian, whose home town is Stuttgart.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Essence of Your City.”  It was fun to see how a city can be captured in one photo and I enjoyed the photography – and now have an even longer list of places I want to travel to!

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