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Can You Judge a Car Company by It's Museum Attendance?

By Bertyc @bertyc
GM:$1.8 million is spent each year by the company to maintain an aging fleet of 600 production and concept cars.
Chrysler maintained a 300-vehicle archive on the grounds of its headquarters (shown above). Unlike GM's Heritage Collection, though, Chrysler closed its museum in 2012 when attendance fell, selling many of its vehicles.
 Japanese brands, meanwhile, have had their own troubles. In Nashville, Nissan maintains a fleet of concepts in the basement of the Lane Museum. It's not open for show. A larger, 280-vehicle archive of the brand's products sits in a more dedicated museum at its Zama, Japan battery factory. While it sees 5,000 visitors per year, guided about by 12 volunteers,
In Germany, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen all maintain mammoth collections of vehicles in artsy, high-dollar museums.
 AN reports that Porsche dropped $130 million to build a museum for 80 of its models in 2009. It now draws two-million visitors annually, each paying $11 for entry.
Mercedes, meanwhile, has a collection covering its 114 years of car building that has brought in over 5 million visitors.
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