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Calm Workspace in the Bedroom

By Myparadissi @myparadissi

As I am writing these words I am surrounded by my two boys (3 and less than one), the babysitter (aka my mom), tons of loud games and popping balloons and a complete chaos of my home. For the newcomers, my home office is located right in the heart of my home, in the entry hall, right next to the kids' room and the kitchen. Truth is I have become really skilled at filtering out all the noise (yelling) and mess and focusing hard on my tasks but I am afraid the whole situation does wear me out without realizing. Pausing for a few seconds to browse through inspiring interiors always makes me feel good and guess, today I was drawn by these calm, moody workspaces located inside bedrooms. I wish I had that extra space in mine to craft a nook there but with the crib inside it is out of the question for the time being. Anyways, quick question; do you use noise canceling earphones? Do they work with random noises like kids screaming and toys rattling? Would they be practical in my case? Any insights would be super helpful!

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