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Californians Might Be Voting for the Passage of the “Sodomite Suppression Act”

Posted on the 25 March 2015 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012
(Credit: Mariusz Niedzwiedzki via Shutterstock)

(Credit: Mariusz Niedzwiedzki via Shutterstock)

Yes…You correctly read the headline.

According to a article, the above mentioned act proposed by a lawyer (someone should check his credentials or at the least his sanity) would punish “the abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also sodomy” with a bullet to the brain (or death “by any other convenient method”) and also mandates a decade imprisonment plus permanent relocation from California for anyone who advocates LGTBQ rights to an audience that includes minors.” The initiative needs 365k valid signatures to make it to next year’s ballot. As absurd at it might seem the state might have to allow this debauchery to proceed due to the state’s 1974 Political Reform Act which sets procedures (including a $200 fee) that allows for citizens to propose acts for state ballots.

One activist introduced the “Intolerant Jackass Act” in response to the “Sodomite Suppression Act.” The proposed act states:

  1. c) Any person, herein known as an “Intolerant Jackass,” who brings forth a ballot measure that suggests the killing of gays and/or lesbians, whether this measure is called the Sodomite Suppression Act or is known by some other name, shall be required to attend sensitivity training for at least three (3) hours per month for twelve (12) consecutive months. In addition, the offender or “Intolerant Jackass” must donate $5000 to a pro-gay or pro-lesbian organization.

I have to say when I first read the headline I thought this was some terrible joke. There are so many things I want to say, but unlike the questionable lawyer, I have some level of class. The fact that we still unfortunately live in a community where people not only have perverted senses of reality and morality but are actively trying to incite their hateful agendas is a sad testament to our society. Furthermore, I wonder how provoking murder and prejudice isn’t in itself illegal. I guess I must have missed the memo on that one.

I have a suggestion for the proponents of the anti-human rights act: how about you all pack up and move yourselves to a remote region of the world and live away from the rest of us. Frankly, it’s because of people like you that everyday atrocities occur in this nation. I will never understand why you fear the manner in which other people live their lives. If homosexuality somehow “threatens” your existence or the sanctity of your marriage, etc. maybe just maybe the real problem is your own insecurities. Maybe you are unable to admit your own burgeoning desire of which you find so heinous. You should probably seek therapy for the myriad of issues pulsating through your feeble brain.

In case you didn’t realize, homosexuality isn’t a choice.

Advocating for unintelligible and insensitive propaganda is a choice. In fact it proves evident of a lack of compassion and insensitivity amongst the perpetrator of hate.

I could go on and on about the stupidity of this suggestion, but I think I’ve spent enough of my time on idiocy.

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