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California Black Church Comes Out Against The FAIR Education Act

Posted on the 04 September 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright
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09/04/2011 – by Cynthia Wright

At times, it is hard to tell the differences between some black churches and the Tea Party movement. Case in point, the Southern Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles has decided to take all their “spiritual energy” and lob it towards the FAIR Education Act. The act was passed by Governor Jerry Brown last month and it seems to have rubbed Rev. Xavier L. Thompson the wrong way because how dare schools teach accurate history.

Ironically enough, the same sentiments expressed by Thompson and those that side with him are very reminiscent of those who attempt to frequently “whitewash” history – perhaps, its different when the outrage is over sexuality and not ethnicity?

Of course, Thompson proclaims that he is not a bigot – he just wants to shape the curriculum into something that is pleasing to God.

In a released statement, Thompson explains this is not an attack on the LGBT community, this is about teaching what is right and wrong.

“Let me be very clear, this is not an attack on the LGBT people or any particular group. I believe I am taking a stand for Biblical principles and righteous standards as outlined in the word of God. This is a big issue because you cannot sexualize history. The underlying impact of SB 48, I believe, is the advancement of a pro-homosexual, world-view in the public classroom.

I believe if anyone has made a noteworthy contribution to society, they ought to be acknowledged, regardless of their sexual orientation. The writer, Langston Hughes, was a gay man but we don’t know him as that. We celebrate his poetry. J. Edgar Hoover was a gay man, but we know him as the F.B.I. director. I believe this law promotes one’s sexual identity beyond their societal contributions, so it’s not ‘let’s celebrate their contributions’ as much as ‘let’s celebrate their sexuality.

I have out-of-the closet, in the closet, down-low members that are in my congregation. They feel comfortable talking with their pastor about their struggles because they know I am not going to judge them, isolate them or alienate them. They know my Biblical convictions are balanced by personal compassion.

But there is a standard set by God. I can’t lower it or raise it to fit those that I love or dislike. God has set the standard in His word and it’s my job to uphold it. I believe I can come out against this SB 48 bill, yet love my members and non-members who live this lifestyle,’ said the pastor.

God honors prayer. It starts with prayer. We’re petitioning God for His mercy, for His will to be done, that He will favor us to get this bill repealed, and let people have a chance to vote it up or down.”

The church has to obtain 550,000 signatures in order to repeal the law, with only 60 days to collect names – it doesn’t appear likely that goal will met. However, Thompson and his congregation remain optimistic.

While this isn’t the first attempt by an organization to thwart the educational themes that they deem inappropriate, this is the most recent. It is amazing how quickly people are willing to focus on things that no longer apply to them, the inclusion of LGBT history in curriculums appears to be upsetting the adults more than the students. Unfortunately, some adults seem incapable of understanding the true meaning of acceptance.

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By Ms. J
posted on 07 September at 15:01
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Pastor X is right! What business is it of the school system to teach our children about relationshipd expecially un-natural ones. Relationship discussion is for the parents not the schools. Who cares who was gay and who was straight in history, what they accomplished is all that is important not their sexual orientation.