By: Gaurav Dhaked

Posted on the 26 July 2018 by Gaurav Dhaked @wowgoldit
By: Gaurav Dhaked

Couchtuner is a franchise who want to serve the TV content for free on their website but nowadays it is not working properly. Therefore I decide to write about the similar places that will help you to get the content related to shows and exclusive series.

Do you want to watch series online or TV shows? if yes then couchtuner is a web page that can fulfill your dreams without costing anything. People preferred this website and similar alternatives to be full fill their desire to watch TV content online.

You can be in one of them, and it will supply the support to tick out from the bad feeling or thoughts. I consider couchtuner a place where people can relax and watch the series in various genres and type. However, it faced numerous constraints due to the strict laws and questions on their content type. People are waiting for this web page to connect with their internet but it's not working.

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To cover these issues, I added all the data and info about couch tuner site in the later part of this article. However, before reaching to the end, I will tell you all the services that are served by the main site and what is the problem with the device nowadays.

Many readers also need to know that is this site legal or safe in their daily use or they will get any notice from the internet providers or any other franchise. It is my responsibility to drive you through the all these messes and place to the right mindset.


It is a dominant stage to follow online TV series without a cost and enrollment. You can experience your beloved shows, recent episodes in the merest time after the deliverance on TV.

There are several hugely rated and preferred TV performances like Arrow, breaking bed and you can also watch anime shows free on this website.

I presume, you additionally comprehend about other pursuits of similar like availability of data, no sign-up, least ads and appealing User Interface.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

However, after the numerous problems regarding servers, country terms and many more thing, force the owners to launch couchtuner 2.0, couch-tuner kind of websites.

These are the famous identities of couch tuner site among the present time guys and girls.

Yes, or No, both answers are eligible for people in the present. In safety from a website, I cover mainly the threats from the site and leak of your location, name, email and other information.

It is not safe according to my previously mentioned points. Because there are huge loopholes with the site that can harm your system or privacy.

To understand it better, I will give you an example. For example, let's think for a second that when you reached to main website.

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You will get lots of advertising that will automatically be clicked when you access the site.

These ads can use your location, and if you do not know about the security issues from them, then you can give them some data of your to get some offers and products from these ads. Server and flash player can be hacked, and it breaks the security of the system.

Hence, if you are using this website on your system, then please use a proper antivirus to stop the malware's entry into your system.

What happened to The Main Site

It is down in some specific regions of the world due to the copyright claim by many franchises. In the present, the TV world is transferring from its original mode to online or internet mode. These websites are taking action against the sites or local servers that are copying their data.

Mirror websites also keep some server's link and connect the viewers to them. So, According to the policies of some countries, couchtuner is not available there, and their system administrator's shut down the real website for their country people.

is Couchtuner down ?

Yes, Main website has not existed in some specific states of the world. However, There are lots of other chocie for example available for people who are facing problems.

When you open the real URL or search for it, you can not see the address in search or In case if you direct hit the URL in the browser, then It will transfer you an error message page

To resolve the problems with it, I prepared a long list of alternatives to help you with this term.

Best Couchtuner's Site Available

The main website for it is expired and another one you can call mirror sites. So, it is the best site that I know till the date, but you can not ignore the other handy options. In modern time, couchtuner movies are available as a mirror of it in various part of the world.

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There are numerous scenes and titles; Y'all can't spot at couch tuner because it is impracticable to upload each match for free. Therefore I further examine some alternatives to follow fascinating scenes or TV shows. I discovered something engaging and advantageous sites alike to couch tuner.

Top Sites Like Couchtuner

These choices are adequate for the populace who prefer to watch TV shows online. These possibilities of related to couchtuner furnish you surpassing assistance to see your preferred and night-loving TV episodes without payment of the penny. I eternally enjoy couch tuner because of its evenness and comprehensive database.

If you are hither and scanning for quality alternatives, then you also assume to perceive corresponding feature sites as main source. I accumulated numerous representations of spots for this site choices, but barely some of them balance the following site attributes.

These websites like couchtuner will proffer you a magnificent accumulation of data and suitable essence for your high-grade experience.

Now I am persisting in composing about these correlated sites for your profits. Please browse all the parts then determine which place is serviceable in your conclusion.

Here are the valid top alternatives to mark for Online Streaming.


Global TV is my leading decision in the receptacle of free sites like couchtuner. The logic for the primary election is that this website ensures a vibrant User interface or neat appearance.

This alternative presents three or four prospects for users who fancy for TV productions, active channels, and television channels schedule.

If you aspire to enter this web page, then you require to create an account there. It is the hardly single thing in Global Television that delivers it a demerit mark for fascinating users.

It comprises a far-reaching database of television Shows and broad episodes for customers to view. Hence, In my idea, you want to seek this site to Follow vigorous shows and Live channels.


Series9 is different apparent package in the repository of similar sites. My associates choose this website to view their shows. They continuously narrate me to look at this web place. I relish its scheme often that is the cause I cover series9 in this list.

Consequently, I deem, you will admire this site also for your relaxation purpose. Series9 includes pieces of online and offline shows and Real TV channels with all episodes.

3) WatchSerieshd


Watchserieshd is remarkably similar to the real source on principal properties. It resembles genuine on each proposal. This site includes a handy exploration bar to find your most-liked episodes of numerous television Series.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

There are membership and sign in opportunity also required to access this website. You can suppress additional varieties of data like movies, animes, drams and some other.

4) OnDareWatch


OnDareWach is another cool alternative that you will admire to follow your original TV show's episodes. This website supplies you numerous offers in the phase of latest online series episodes. OnDareWatch option grasps a sizeable looking navigation system, search bar and a vigilant slider of TV-Shows.

It incorporates countless other supplementary sources similar to the compilation of old and new movies, box office collection updates and a possibility of the request for some of their users. I believe this website manages precious resources of offline episodes and films.


TubiTv is my peculiar pick in all of these prime sites like couchtuner. This possibility seems like a gem in comparison to particular full list of choices. This web page has a stablest design and module as compared to similar options.

You want to build an account to reach offline data on this alternative. Subsequent login, you will encounter online, and television shows classify according to their genre that delivers it a genuinely user-friendly.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

TubiTv is open and additionally carry the low number of ads. Therefore, you get an inclusive experience of viewing your entertainment stuff.


Cucirca is further a genuine possibility in the phase of detecting tardiest TV shows episodes. If you are scanning for other valid couchtuner 2.0 and similar pages, then this site has some low components.

It is a mature website with a simplistic user interface. You can not find some point services on this website, but it shields a thorough database of old and new offline episodes.

I believe you will notice your TV episodes which you desire to see on this website. Its a mediocre place but some of the chaps loved it for its enormous data acquisition.

Hulu is ideal for some personages. Some personalities don't enjoy this website because it's paid and costly for them. It sees majestic as equal to other option similar to watch TV shows online. Hulu checks a generous package of TV shows from multiple big series.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

There are several people from the whole world treasure their content and its varieties of videos. It is a classic website with only one downside of not free. If you have some dollars, then please try it, and you will perceive the beautiful collection on it.


TubePlus scans right to substitute in the category of free TV streaming sources. It also follows the boundless database of new movies and TV episodes. Hence, Tubeplus also has a spacious variety range of diverse kind of incidents and films.

By: Gaurav Dhaked

This website has not obliged any login and register claim. There is a power designed type of search bar for your occurrence.

9) Putlocker


Putlocker is a quest engine to find shows, series and innovative films for your happiness. It maintains an enormous box of movies, online series, and offline TV show's episodes.

I always choose this source because of content accessible on it. You want to open this place once in your lifetime for free streaming data online.

Fascinating compatriots of mine relished this option to look after some sites like mycouchtuner pretty substantial. By: Gaurav Dhaked


Ultimate but not limited, Alluc is a reliable ingredient in a house of streaming places . You hold this station after managing your movies and TV shows. I assume you will arrange your fancied episodes from this site. There are numerous movies, and online series collection endure on this thing's database.

Watch Series Unblocked

I wrote an article about the topic unblocked movies or unblocked movies sites where I proffered the someplace that can help the consumer to watch them at the bounded place. Google sites and Weebly web pages contain the data of unblocked TV shows or series for the people. Try the above mention web pages to full fill your demand of watching series unblocked on your handset.

Watch Here :,

After talking about lots of stuff, there is additional information that I want to write to some specific people. This world is filled with lots of language and pronunciations that thing also sets with this web. I found the information that this site is also known with names like couchturner and more others.

Hence, folks, I did my stint with great honesty to expose you to Couchtuner type of web pages for following fresh and former television Shows and exclusive Web episodes. If all of you did not like anything and had the engaging places that I neglected in this process, then please accord it with me in the comment here.

You can tell me your viewpoints on these choices that you did not find valuable.

Thank You For Reading

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