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by Bianca Ozeri Early in 2011, My Brother, Known on A Brie Grows...

By Briennewalsh @BrienneWalsh
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by Bianca Ozeri

Early in 2011, my brother, known on A Brie Grows in Brooklyn as Superbad, began production on a dark comedy. Last weekend, much to the everyone’s delight, Blumenthal premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

The story is about a family. Their various modes of mourning and tendencies to cling to what’s gone. The film is heartwarming, and accurate. I love it because no matter your origin, you are bound to find tinctures of your people in the Blumenthal’s.

I am a proud sister, and a satisfied viewer.  

(A note from Brie: lots of pride for others on ABGIB today, and I’m loving it.)

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