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Buyer Beware: New Alt Root Domain Name Registration Service Launches Promise Any Domain Name For Free

Posted on the 17 October 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

In an apparent attempt to grab a market share with the new gTLD s coming out, “ launched today according to a press release that promissing the users can “submit any domain name and extension that one wishes and that too for free.”

“With the help of this service, one can use domain names like www.power.boat, www.used.machines, or www.amy.smith.”

“The project took about two years by the Dutch founder and scientific philosopher Johannes Brugeman and it looked an impossible feat at the start of the project.

“Mr. Brugeman was quoted as saying, “At this moment, there are about 300 Top Level domain name extensions available for registration of which some are restricted. If you multiply this number of extensions with the number of English words in Oxford English Dictionary that holds about 250.000 words, there are only about 70.000.000 combinations possible.”

“With, there are limitless combinations that have been made possible. It has helped people in having the domain name of their choice.”

“Anyextension is funded by crowdfunding site Indiegogo ( )”

The timing of the release no doubt it to catch the largely confused public who have been seeing Television and online ads for the 700 new gTLD’s.

Of course this is an alt root DNS product one that was tried before more than 10 years ago and requires the domain holder to change the DNS settings of his computer to make the domain names work.

The downside to changing the alt root domains server remains the same as  it always has been, you can’t register any existing TLD, gTLD or ccTLD meaning you can’t use the service to register a .com, .net, .org any ccTLD like .me, .co., .Tv or any of the new gTLD’s and no one will be able to use your alt root domain unless they change the setting of their computers too.

The site is showing 6,723 domain names created.

We write about it,  so the public can be informed what they are and are not getting if they consider using, especially those looking to register new gTLD’s after all there is enough confusion out in the public already.

For the record these are the domain name extension which are either TLD. ccTLD or applied for new gTLD’s which cannot be registered on

ac, academy, accountant, accountants, actor, ad, ads, ae, aero, af, africa, ag, agency, ai, airforce, al, am, amsterdam, an, analytics, ao, apartments, app, aq, ar, arab, archi, architect, army, arpa, art, as, asia, associates, at, attorney, au, auction, audible, audio, author, auto, autoinsurance, autos, aw, ax, az, ba, baby, band, bank, bar, barcelona, bargains, baseball, basketball, bb, bd, be, beats, beauty, best, bf, bg, bh, bi, bible, bid, bike, bio, biz, bj, black, blackfriday, blog, blue, bm, bn, bo, boats, boo, book, booking, boston, bot, boutique, box, br, broadway, broker, brussels, bs, bt, budapest, build, builders, buy, buzz, bv, bw, by, bz, ca, cab, cafe, cal, call, cam, camera, camp, cancerresearch, capetown, capital, car, caravan, cards, care, career, careers, carinsurance, cars, cash, cat, catering, catholic, cc, cd, center, cf, cg, ch, channel, charity, chat, cheap, christmas, church, ci, city, ck, cl, claims, cleaning, click, clinic, clothing, cloud, club, cm, cn, co, coach, codes, coffee, college, cologne, com, community, company, compare, computer, condos, construction, consulting, contact, contractors, cooking, cool, coop, corp, country, coupon, coupons, courses, cpa, cr, credit, creditcard, cricket, cruise, cruises, cu, cv, cw, cx, cy, cz, dad, dance, data, date, dating, day, dds, de, deal, dealer, deals, degree, delivery, democrat, dental, dentist, desi, design, dev, diamonds, diet, digital, direct, directory, discount, discover, diy, dj, dk, dm, do, docs, doctor, dog, domains, dot, download, drive, dubai, dvr, dz, earth, eat, ec, eco, ecom, edu, education, ee, eg, email, energy, engineer, engineering, equipment, er, es, estate, et, eu, events, exchange, expert, exposed, express, fail, faith, family, fan, fans, farm, farmers, fashion, fast, feedback, fi, film, final, finance, financial, financialaid, finish, fire, fish, fishing, fit, fitness, fj, fk, flights, florist, flowers, fly, fm, fo, food, football, forsale, forum, foundation, fr, free, fun, fund, furniture, fyi, ga, gal, gallery, game, games, garden, gay, gb, gd, ge, gent, gf, gg, gh, gi, gift, gifts, gives, giving, gl, glass, global, gm, gmbh, gn, gold, golf, gov, gp, gq, gr, graphics, gratis, green, grocery, gs, gt, gu, guide, guitars, guru, gw, gy, hair, halal, hangout, health, healthcare, help, here, hiphop, hiv, hk, hm, hn, hockey, holdings, holiday, home, homegoods, homes, horse, hospital, host, hosting, hot, hoteis, hotel, hoteles, hotels, house, how, hr, ht, hu, icu, id, idn, ie, il, im, immo, in, inc, indians, industries, info, ing, institute, insurance, insure, int, international, investments, io, iq, ir, ira, irish, is, islam, istanbul, it, je, jewelry, jm, jo, jobs, jot, joy, jp, ke, kg, kh, ki, kid, kids, kitchen, km, kn, kp, kr, kw, ky, kz, la, land, lat, latino, law, lawyer, lb, lc, lease, lgbt, li, life, lifestyle, lighting, like, limited, link, live, living, lk, llc, llp, loan, loanslegal, locker, loft, lol, london, lr, ls, lt, ltd, ltda, lu, luxe, luxury, lv, ly, ma, madrid, mail, makeup, management, map, market, marketing, markets, matrix, mba, mc, md, me, med, media, medical, meet, melbourne, meme, memorial, men, menu, mg, mh, miami, mil, mk, ml, mls, mm, mn, mo, mobi, mobile, mom, money, mormon, mortgage, moscow, moto, motorcycles, mov, movie, movistar, mp, mq, mr, ms, mt, mu, museum, music, mutalfunds, mutual, mv, mw, mx, my, mz, na, name, navy, nc, ne, net, network, new, news, next, nf, ng, ngo, ni, ninja, nl, no, now, np, nr, nrw, nu, nyc, nz, okinawa, om, one, onl, online, ooo, open, org, organic, origins, pa, page, paris, partners, parts, party, patch, pay, pe, pet, pets, pf, pg, ph, pharmacy, phd, phone, photo, photography, photos, physio, pics, pictures, pid, pin, ping, pink, pizza, pk, pl, place, play, plumbing, plus, pm, pn, poker, post, pr, press, prime, pro, prod, productions, prof, progressive, promo, properties, property, protection, ps, pt, pub, pw, py, qa, quebec, racing, radio, re, read, realestate, realtor, realty, recipes, red, rehab, reisen, rent, rentals, repair, report, republican, rest, restaurant, retirement, review, reviews, rich, rio, rip, ro, rocks, rodeo, roma, room, rs, rsvp, ru, rugby, ruhr, run, rw, sa, safe, sale, salon, sarl, save, sb, sc, scholarships, school, science, sd, se, search, secure, security, services, sg, sh, shoes, shop, shopping, shopyourway, show, si, silk, singles, site, sj, sk, ski, skin, sl, sm, smile, sn, so, soccer, social, software, solar, solutions, song, soy, spa, space, sport, sports, spot, sr, srl, st, star, storage, store, stream, stroke, studio, study, style, su, sucks, supplies, supply, support, surf, surgery, sv, swiss, sx, sy, systems, sz, talk, tattoo, tax, taxi, tc, td, team, tech, technology, tel, tennis, tf, tg, th, thai, theater, theatre, tickets, tips, tires, tj, tk, tl, tm, tn, to, today, tools, top, tour, tours, town, toys, tp, tr, trade, trading, training, translations, travel, travelers, trust, tt, tube, tunes, tv, tw, tz, ua, ug, uk, university, uno, us, uy, uz, va, vacations, vc, ve, vegas, ventures, vet, vg, vi, video, villas, vin, vip, vision, vivo, vn, vodka, vote, voting, voyage, vu, wales, watch, watches, weather, web, webcam, webs, website, wed, wedding, wf, wien, wiki, win, windows, wine, winners, work, works, world, wow, ws, wtf, xxx, xyz, yachts, ye, yoga, yokohama, you, yt, za, zero, zip, zm, zone, zuerich, zw, xn--*…

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