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Buy in Season: The Best Times to Buy Appliances [Infographic]

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers


One question that commonly pops up in articles, forums, comments, and discussion threads all over the web is "what is the best time to buy appliances?" If you are fine with used models, that could be any time of year. Craiglist is full of appliance listings, or you could try a local retailer to see if they have any good scratch & dent deals.

But what about if you want a new home appliance for your kitchen or laundry area? Or what if you want to invest in a new air conditioner before the summer months hit? There are indeed certain times of year where you could save big on these purchases, but when would that be?

We've created a helpful infographic that highlights when various rebates become available, as well as when new appliance models are released and their predecessors go on sale. Click through to check it out!

Buy in Season | Best Times to Buy Appliances

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With a little research and the right information on your side, you can score great deals on the appliances you need, from refrigerators and ranges to washers and dryers!

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Buy in Season: The Best Times to Buy Appliances [Infographic] by Sarah Marchant

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