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Business Team’s Have Too Many Homes Without Tenants: Having More Than One Job Or Many Sources of Income Needs a Home Application.

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless


I am so sick of hearing the word, “team,” when referring to business. bannerfans_4602367

Team apps are running rapid with collaboration options and on one collaborating.

How many Jobs do you have? A few? More? How many teams are you in?

Job Singular or Plural+ In 2012?

Where are all the teams?

Hourly full time, Seasonal Commission Based, Part Time Online, E commerce hobby and stream, Blog, Internship….Paid: weekly, monthly, Wednesday, bi weekly, daily, when you meet X amount, pay’s for gas,

Type: takes taxes out, independent contractor, service upon request, little online sources of income, investments into jobs.Pay pal account, check, direct deposit, services, after taxes with some, before taxes, benefits, purchases' to claim on taxes, travel pay minutes salary,

Which words above apply to you many ways from different sources? How many of you have an app that shows you your income sources all in one place with monthly overall take home pay with all the circumstances taken into the result?

Excel can only go so far:…before you get the itch for something else. There are to many apps for teams but not enough teams. To many options for teams and not enough simple apps that break down your income if you have more than one job, work online, or have side jobs, seasonal the list goes on and on.

Budgeting Tools Galore Without A Way To Integrate Where, When, How, The $ To Budget Got There.

There are always tools to budget and find what is left over and never a system to organize our different sources of income. Side jobs, online work, and our full time jobs might include three or more sources. Excel is really the only way to organize this which is helpful but integrated excel is still not what should be be the solution. A simple app that stores your information for each source of income, monthly sales, notices, and a chart to see fluctuations.

Discovering one of your jobs needs an upgraded version.

Jobs that are starting to become not worth the money or time might have another company hiring or known to do so. Knowing this information might entice others to be able to switch out there jobs that aren’t as important as their full time gig. This will help those who need to re-think a side commission job that isn't paying enough or to look for other ventures to replace those that you are starting to feel are not worth the time anymore. It sounds plain and almost an intelligence included or not included component we should all know, but when you have many jobs that pay you on different times, rates, commission, hourly, seasonal , depending on views, and e commerce you need to know which platform needs to be traded with another similar gig, and which ones are starting to find ways to take the money you make with fees.

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