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Bunk Beds for Boys and Girls Rooms

By Epic Home Ideas @epichomeideas

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A bunk bed for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom has always been a cool addition to a kids’ bedroom design. It’s not only fun to climb up and sleep on top of the world, but it’s also a convenient solution that may help you optimize your living space.

bunk beds for boys and girls with pictures

Source: http://www.dailylobotomy.com/perfect-bunk-beds-with-storage/bunk-beds-with-storage-staircase/

A bunk bed for two, for example, can be the perfect option for your kids’ shared bedroom – it will certainly free up some much needed floor area that would be better used as a play area.

A bunk bed can also serve as multifunctional unit incorporating some extra amenities such as a desk, a bookcase, drawers, cabinets, etc.

This type of bed can come in various design styles and color options that may be suitable specifically for girls or boys, or they can be gender neutral.

The bed frame is typically made of wood, although sometimes metal can be a solid alternative. All bunk beds come with a ladder or a staircase that helps you get to the next level.

The ladder can go straight up, or it can be installed at an angle, and it takes up much less space than the staircase option. The staircase option is typically considered more safe, as it is easier to go up and down. It’s also pretty convenient, as it can provide more storage options – each step can accommodate a drawer or a cabinet.

Now, take a look at our selection of bunk bed design ideas for girls and boys.

Bunk Beds for Girls Rooms

This bunk bed is a great addition to a girly bedroom. It has cute pink curtains that match the pink-colored walls and can be closed when needed. The design is complete with two pink-colored bed linen sets.

Here is another idea for your girls’ shared bedroom. This design features a top bed that can be accessed via a staircase which is a much more convenient solution than a regular ladder.

This loft bed is raised above the floor in a way that frees up some much needed space for kids activities. A fun table and chairs set under the bed makes a perfect spot for a tea party with your kids’ favorite toys and dolls.

Have a look at another fun bunk bed design – this one is shaped like a real house and will certainly make a great focal point in your little girls’ bedroom.

This bunk bed design features a straight vertical ladder that will get you to the top. It also has a convenient storage option in the bottom – three drawers for all the extra bed linen and blankies your kids may need.

Here is another bunk bed design made of white-colored wood. It features an angled ladder and although it doesn’t have a designated storage option such as a drawer there’s plenty of room in the bottom for boxes and baskets.

This multifunctional furniture set features a bunk bed with an angled ladder, a desk on one side and a bookcase with drawers on the other. The whole unit is set in plain white paint.

Here is another idea for a shared bedroom design. It features two loft beds with a study area under each one of them. Both study areas are equipped with a desk, drawer cabinets and a swivel chair.

Have a look at a more unconventional bunk bed design idea. This fairytale inspired design is bursting with color and fun details. That’s one design that any kid would be thrilled to have in their room.

Here is a more sophisticated design in burgundy red. This bedroom has style and character and is particularly well suited for teen girls. It features a metal frame bunk bed with satin drapes that make for a dramatic and romantic atmosphere.

A fun design makes for happy kids. This playful design features a wooden bunk bed with floral patterned curtains and matching bed sheets that any girl would surely love, and two girls will love it twice as much.

Bunk Beds for Boys Rooms

Here is a bedroom design with a more masculine vibe. Two young gentlemen will surely feel just fine in this beautifully designed bedroom with a multifunctional bunk bed with a study area and bookcase.

Here is another manly bedroom design idea. It is set in neutral gray that adds a touch of sophistication, and features a bunk bed with a straight ladder made of grey-colored wood.

Have a look at another shared bedroom design for boys. It has walls set in neutral grey, a carpeted floor in sandy beige, and features a dark wood bunk bed with a straight ladder and a safety railing for the upper bed.

Here is another cool bedroom design featuring bunk beds. This is not your regular bunk bed, though. Rather than sitting on four support posts, the upper bed in this case is attached to the walls and hovers over the lower bed.

Here is another trendy design idea with a subtle industrial vibe. The bunk bed here is made of wood and features a black metal ladder, as well as a storage solution under the lower mattress.

Have a look at a fun design idea for a whole bunch of kids. Two bunk beds mean twice the fun. Add a slide to this mix for your kids to enjoy, and they’ll never get enough of it.

Here is a bedroom design with a nautical theme. This bunk bed is set in seafoam blue with details in white, and features a small porthole window. With a bed like this your kids will surely sail away to sweet dreams.

This bunk bed is of a more traditional design. It is made of wood and set in dark blue, and it features a desk, shelves and drawers that are integrated in the design of this multifunctional unit.

Here is a bed design with an angled ladder and a twin-sized lower mattress. The unit is made of blue-painted wood and fitted with matching striped bed linen.

This beautiful design is neat and classy. It features a fitted bunk bed with an angled ladder, bottom drawers and a study area with a bookcase to the side. The whole unit is set in dark green.

Here is a fun Lego inspired bunk bed design. It is set in the typical Lego red, blue, yellow and green. Even the sheets here fit the theme with their brick-like pattern and matching colors.

This loft bed features a study area with a desk under a raised mattress. The multifunctional unit also incorporates a bookcase and an angled ladder. It is a beautiful traditional design set in medium dark wood.

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