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Bulldogs Attend School for EXTREME DOG Sports!

By Hausofpaws @hausofpaws

Bulldogs attend School for EXTREME DOG Sports!

A skateboarding school for Bulldogs meets every week in the Peruvian capital of Lima | Facebook/ElBiuf

Bulldogs have long been a favorite breed for many dog owners. They are a strong, muscular breed that are robust and able to fend off an attack with their loose skin. But now, one school has recently been training a whole new generation of pupils into the EXTREME Sport of skateboarding: Bulldogs!

Bulldogs attend School for EXTREME DOG Sports!

Biuf the Bulldog's rise to fame came from learning to skateboard | facebook/ElBiuf

Bulldogs attend School for EXTREME DOG Sports!

Biuf demonstrates his skateboard-riding skills during class | Facebook/Biuf

In the Peruvian capital of Lima, class is in session. The star pupil is a Bulldog named Biuf, who's recent rise in popularity has brought this school into the spotlight.
Under the guidance of his owner Ivan Juscamita, Biuf has learned how to skateboard and has since set the Pet World on fire and has become an internet sensation with over 12,000 likes on his Facebook page.

Bulldogs attend School for EXTREME DOG Sports!

This Bulldog makes a face while class is in session | Facebook/ElBiuf

We call it the “school for skater bulldogs” and we meet every Saturday at 3:33pm. We chose that time to be punctual, says Juscamita, reports the Telegraph. “All the Bulldogs who follow Biuf on Facebook come and get together, we have fun, we get on the skateboard and practice.”

Bulldogs attend School for EXTREME DOG Sports!

Other Bulldog owners gather for a Saturday class session | Facebook/ElBiuf

Juscamita stated that he plans to open a legitimate skateboarding school to teach other dogs and plans to use the proceeds to help dog shelters.

VIDEO: See Peru's first skateboarding school for Bulldogs!
Source: The Telegraph | Facebook

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