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Build Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review)

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
BBuild Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review) This post is sponsored by KEEP Collective. uild your own Disney charm bracelet to remember all your favorite, magical moments with the help of KEEP Collective.

It's no secret that I'm a Disney fan. In fact, I wear something Disney-related almost every day. I have Disney socks, shoes, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, jewelry, cell phone cases... I could go on. You might think I've been like this since I was a kid-that my bedroom was decked out in Disney Princess wall paper and that I carried a stuffed Abu around with me, but that's not the case.

I liked Disney, and like any kid, I thought the Disney store was pretty much heaven, but it was running Disney races as an adult that made me truly believe in Disney magic.

Build Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review)

I've done eight Disney races in the last few years. There's something about those races that make the miles feel easy. I run completely happy, 100% carefree, and I always finish feeling happy and reenergized.

It was after my first Disney Marathon, which also happened to be my first marathon ever, that my adoration for all things Disney began. I started collecting some Disney memorabilia and wearing something Disney-related every day. Don't get me wrong, I don't deck myself out in head-to-toe character gear; I keep it subtle, but I like keeping a little piece of Disney magic with me.

Build Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review)

So when KEEP Collective offered me the opportunity to review their new Disney Collection, I was ALL. OVER. IT!

If you haven't heard of KEEP Collective, allow me to fill you in:

KEEP Collective is a meaningful jewelry company inspired by, created for and run by strong women. They believe that living a happy life comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters: love, faith, friendship, family and adventures. They're jewelry helps people craft their own unique keepsakes to tell a story or be a reminder of the things that make you happy.

Build Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review)

When it comes to jewelry, I love unique pieces. In fact, my favorite pieces of jewelry are ones I know no one else in the world has. I have two charm bracelets I've built up over the years with charms collected from places I travel to. When I looked at all the jewelry KEEP Collective has to offer, I was excited to build another charm-bracelet of sorts specific to my favorite runDisney memories.

The Disney Collection consists of a leather bracelet and seven charms. The bracelet itself is reversible. One side is black with iconic Mickey ears imprinted into the leather. The reverse side is a rose gold embossed with the words, "If you can dream it, you can do it." I love how that phrase relates to my racing journey.

Build Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review)

The charms slide easily onto the bracelet, allowing you to arrange or rearrange them however you'd like. There's a retro Mickey, a retro Minnie, Mickey ears, Minnie ears, a Minnie bow, Mickey's gloves and a charm that says "magic." They are all adorable and beautifully made.

KEEP Collective also gave me a budget for a few more charms to build a piece that told my Disney story, so I of course opted for some running charms!

Build Your Own Disney Charm Bracelet (KEEP Collective Review)

I got a gold 26.2 and a silver 13.1 (I've run both distances at Disney multiple times), and letters to write out the word "RUN". I absolutely love how it turned out and how it looks with all of the Disney Collection charms. Since I can't wear my race medals on a daily basis (I mean, I guess I could but I'm not Flava Flav), this bracelet is a great reminder of all the miles I've run and all of the amazing memories I've made running through the parks, meeting the characters, and pushing myself to tackle new distances (I'm looking at you Dopey and Glass Slipper Challenges).

I'm sure you're wondering what building a super cute bracelet like this costs, and I'm happy to report that KEEP Collective prices are fantastic. You can get the entire Disney Collection (bracelet + seven charms) under$175. Their other charms vary in price, but because everything is reasonable, it's easy to build up a great keepsake over time. I will definitely be back to build new bracelets, and hope the Disney Collection just keeps expanding!

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