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Buffalo Bills Fan Gets A Tattoo Of OJ Simpson On His Upper Leg

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

Buffalo Bills Fan Gets A Tattoo Of OJ Simpson On His Upper Leg

Let me preface this by saying I can’t hate this guy because he’s a Buffalo Bills Fan. However…

This is when you know it’s been a long time since the Bills won anything.  Here’s my question for this guy.  If you’re an OJ/ Bills fan, aren’t you getting a tattoo of OJ crushing some linebacker in or taking it to the house for the Bills?  You don’t get OJ’s mug shot all up and down your upper leg do you?  I mean, do you bro, but I’d want to remember OJ in a Bills jersey not right before he went to jail.


This is the pic that cracks me up.  Where the hell is this guy in the photo?  Pants on the ground, egg crates everywhere and maybe some cleaning supplies in the background?  This is where you dropped your pants to capture this pic?  Straight weirdo all around.  I’ve got sneaky love for him because he’s a Bills fan and we are few and far between, but damn put OJ in the red white and blue.

P.S.  Shorts under jeans bro?  What are you, 15 years old?  Maybe the most uncomfortable look ever.  I don’t know what this guy is packing, but I don’t have room in my pants for my boxer briefs, package and a pair of shorts.  Too much bro, too much.  (And don’t tell me he’s prepared for any pickup bball.  Bro is in vans or airwalks or something.  No chance he’s running ball.)

P.P.S.  That tattoo of the Buffalo at the bottom of his leg looks a little shaky.  Maybe the tattoo artist was coming down off a high or something but that looks a little suspect.

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