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Brunei’s Prince Dream Wedding

By Rajesh Prajapati

How do we define a ‘dream wedding’? One studded with A-list celebrities, or one which showcases ultimate affluence? In order to be considered a dream wedding, is the wedding talked about for several years to come? Not surprisingly, a dream wedding includes all of the following factors mentioned above.

Did you know these dream weddings do not just take place in our dreams, but actually exist in reality? Although, mostly reserved for royalty, a dream wedding consists of the most exclusive jewelry collections, the most exquisite gowns and the most expensive tastes. Let’s take a closer look at one of the dream wedding examples:


Royalty and royal weddings have allured our hearts. The sensational glamour, awe-inspiring jewelry, exclusive stylish dresses, Page 3 guests and unlimited paparazzi presence best describe these dream wedding experiences. When it comes to royalty weddings, it’s certainly true what they say; a picture does say a thousand words.

Today, we will review a royal wedding that took place just last week; Son of Sultan of Brunei (one of the richest men worldwide), Prince Abdul Malik (31) wed Dayangku Raabi’atul Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji (22). Let’s imagine ourselves as guests, embracing entire ambiance reflecting perfection and pure luxury!


The wedding ceremony was held at Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. The ultimate dream wedding occurred in the King’s Palace, which has 1788 rooms, 5 grand swimming pools, 257 bathrooms and 110-car garage.


The bride and groom looked like a match made in heaven, perfectly coordinated in golden dresses, sitting next to each other on glided thrones in the Throne Chamber found within the Istana Nural Iman Palace.


Their dresses were bejeweled with diamonds and colored gemstones. Royal Bride’s tiara had stunning six tear drop shaped emeralds. Her ornamental veil was made of the finest gold embroidered lace. Further, her diamond and emerald necklace was exquisite and simply elegant. Most interestingly, she carried a bouquet made of sparkling gemstones, instead of flowers.


This grand wedding will run for 11 days, ending on April 15th. Here are a few more glamorous images from the dream wedding.

Sultan of Brunie and Prince Abdul blessing the bride:


A woman adjusting the royal bride’s veil, while she waits for the groom to enter the hall:


Her high heels were encrusted with Swarovski crystals, surely displaying royal glamour. The shimmering yellow gold anklet perfectly complemented her footwear:


Couple leaves the wedding palace hall. For this changed outfit, she selected ruby and diamond jewelry:


Prince’s guardsmen were present at the wedding:


So, how do you feel about this splendid and royal dream wedding? Spell bound? Mesmerized? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below in the space provided.

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