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Bruins Look To Close Out The Canadians, Macaulay Culkin Trolling Ryan Gosling and a Lingerie Football League Curse Fest Means the Blog is Back.

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
May 12, 2014

Seriously, couldn’t have picked a better day to come back.  Just stories on top of stories.  I’m not even going to touch Donald Sterling because it’s a dead end, don’t be surprised if Jay Z hires a hit squad to take out Beyonce’s sister and Marshall Henderson’s trolling or not trolling of Twitter was amazing.

But let’s just ease ourselves back into things….

I. Bruins can close out the Canadians in Montreal tonight.  Need this to happen just because I now know how much hockey means to the people of Montreal.  They literally eat, sleep and breath hockey and I respect the hell out of them for that and that’s why this would be so sweet.  Last spring I went to a hockey game in Montreal and got mean mugged for getting up to get a beer mid-period.  I’m pretty sure there were 12 years old children looking to kick my ass when I asked if I could pass during the period.  They don’t leave their seats until the period is over.  Want to wait zero minutes to get a beer in Montreal?  Go out to the concourse at about the 10 minute mark in any of the periods and you’ll have your pick of beers.  They are locked in once the puck drops.  So what could possibly be better than beating our rivals on their home ice in front of their crazy ass fans?  absolutely nothing and that’s why it happens tonight.


II. Macaulay Culkin with the slickest move of the week and it’s only Monday.  Hey, Ryan Gosling, your move.

Here’s Gosling with his Culkin shirt:


Culkin fired back with this gem today…



P.S. Where is Culkin living these days?  Looks like an efficiency cottage if you ask me.  Where did all that Home Alone money go?

III.  I made a ton of noise last year about Angela Rypien and the Baltimore Charm.  Even went to a game and blogged all about it.  Well, Angela got traded (didn’t even know that was a thing in LFL) to Seattle and got chewed the fuck out by her coach.  Hey Angela, shoulda stayed in Baltimore and let me stare at you from the stands.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.


It’s good to be back

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