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Brueghel. The Wonders of the Flemish Art, Rome 2013

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

Italian Exhibit "Brueghel. The wonders of Flemish art." Chiostro del Bramante, Rome. Until June 2, 2013
Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to introduce you the Brueghel family. They are hosted in Rome  in an exhibit dedicated to all the Brueghel family, icon of the Flemish painting in  the seventeenth century.
The exhibit collects many their works from the private collections, the museums, the national and international exhibit.  In the sunny Rome you have a look at the northern Flemish painting which was a real reference point for all the European painting.
Despite the Flemish painting had already existed from about two centuries, the Brueghel family introduced some important innovations in this painting genre. The painting until then had been particularly linked to the religious portraits and instead Pieter the Elder broke away from these traditional iconography to approach the landscapes land.
flemish art in romeInspired by Hieronymus Bosch he came close to the style almost grotesque. What is surprising is that these stylistic innovations do not stop at a single author as a lone voice in the chorus but it becomes the brand supporting by an entire family for five more generations.
Their  style of painting became a new style  included in the art manuals.
This exhibit is a unique opportunity to enjoy a piece of history of the north Europe.

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