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Brotherhood TV Brings A Fresh Take To Gay Men Of Color

Posted on the 09 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


On July 11, Brotherhood TV will debut on , where a group of Boston black and Latino men will come together to discuss issues in their respective communities. The show will utilize a talk show format, where the men will discuss topic such as, homophobia, gender identity and age

Brotherhood TV Brings A Fresh Take To Gay Men Of Color

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differences and how they affect same-sex relationships.

Amir and Quincy Roberts, the creators of the show felt that a show needed to be made showcasing the situations that really permeate the gay community outside of the dramatics that seem to permeate the airwaves.

“There are constantly studies released about us and it is time that we speak up and share our voices. As a young black gay man I am the epitome of all things society hates; I am a feminist who is the [sic] decedent of slaves and who is gay. I fearlessly celebrate who I am. My goal through this show is to let other young Black and Latino Gay and Bisexual men know that they are beautifully made, and that it is imperative that they stand in their truth. But above all it is important that they know they aren’t alone,” Amir explains to Darian of

Although, this show is not catering to my specific demographic specifically, it is refreshing to see that this show isn’t being billed as a “cat fight” or pointless conversations filled with random sex (talking about you: The A List and The Real L Word). Let’s hope that this will be accepted by a community that has made no excuses about its love of excess.

The show can be followed via their website and the shows Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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