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Bronze Age Collapse - 1,200 BC - What Happened to the Sea People?

Posted on the 15 October 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Bronze Age Collapse - 1,200 BC - what happened to the Sea People?
the opening salvo of the following video is that in a period of Bronze Age History spanning less than a few generations, civilisations from the Mycaeneans to the Hittites and more were decimated by some unknown force or natural occurence.
Or were they?
The Bronze Age Art of War appeared to be chariot armies with compliments of runners or clean up squads or decapitators sent in to finish off the unseated charioteers. The charioteers were the star warriors, the runners were the scum or grunts ... so, were the Ancient Sea People cited in this video formed from a Spartacus-like Runners Revolution? This video declares that these Sea People decimated the majority of ancient kingdoms from Greece to Egypt all round the 'fertile crescent' of the Middle East in this 1,200 BC period.

I still have this Ancient Britons idea in the back of my head with every bit of additional research I do, so, what if, whaaat iff, these Ancient Sea People (or survivors from the final sea battles with Egypt) traveled out into the western mediterranean and made a visit to Portugal and France and (eventually) Ancient Briton?
Gah, you know, clutching at straws, as usual ... and I realize there were already Basque-originated tribes living in Briton for thousands of years but the Ancient Brits had to be a Sea People to get here in the first place. And you know what, this mercenary method of warring by the Sea People reminds this blogger of a scene from a (maybe, maybe not) related film TROY: the scene involves the Black Troops of Achilles. It just has that feel of it. And (remember) many an old historian talks about Albyne of Syria and then Brutus of Troy arriving in England in 1500 BC and 500 BC respectively...

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