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Brian's Indie Show Replay - as Played on Radio KC - 21.1.18

Posted on the 27 January 2018 by Mike Lindley @fruitbatwalton
Ralph's Indie Show Replay

Brian's Indie Show Replay - as played on Radio KC - 21.1.18As played on Radio KC

Sunday 10th December from 5-7pm GMT

Internet Radio on rkc.noip.me

Played in 162 countries 
Worldwide on 2 satellites

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PLAYLIST :Click the band's name to follow them if they're on on Facebook:One Last Thrill - If Leaving Was An Option
SHEAFS - This Is Not a Protest
Sweat Threats - Hermit
The Della Grants - Red Mist
The Seamonsters - Wonderland
Kidsmoke - And Mine Alone
Pyramid Park - Born To Be Brave
SKJØR - Living Without You
CHILDCARE - Put Down Your Pen
The Pitchforks - Headlock
Megalomatic - Cesspit
Sea Girls - Heavenly War
folda - Aurora
Demons of Ruby Mae - Someday
Multiplier - Shake Me Up A Fever
Luna Rosa - The Fire Inside
Palmes - For You And I
BurningAstronomers - Superficial Swirling
Megan Henwood - Join The Dots (Ash Howes Mix)
Empathy Test - Safe From Harm
Edits - Don't Speak
The Honeymoon Suite - Poser
Salt the Snail - Coffee
The Broken Orchestra - Blinded
John MOuse - Bunkbeds And Broken
Little Sparrow - Tender

Brian's Indie Show Replay - as played on Radio KC - 21.1.18

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