Health Magazine Founder/Survivor Dr.Marisa Weiss Has New Video Series

Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Jean Campbell

WeissI am pleased to have the opportunity to share the following guest post with you about a new video series by Doctor Marisa Weiss for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

When the words “you have breast cancer” fall out of a doctor’s mouth, most patients find themselves overwhelmed by questions, or perhaps not sure what kinds of questions they should ask. Dr. Marisa Weiss, president and founder of<> and a voice of My Breast Cancer Coach<, knows exactly how it feels. She’s not only a breast cancer oncologist; she is also a breast cancer survivor herself.

To support those currently battling with the questions that come after the initial shock of a diagnosis, My Breast Cancer Coach<> has launched a video series with Dr. Weiss to help new patients get informed and take an active role in their care. She also offers some invaluable tips about how to live healthily following treatment to help prevent a recurrence.

The videos can be found here<> or on YouTube<> and cover a variety of important topics, including:

*Staying engaged-How to speak up and ask for what you think you need throughout your breast cancer treatment process.

* Staying educated-How to find the treatment therapies currently available. Ask your doctor which treatments are best suited for you.

* Staying healthy-How to manage your weight, load up on your vitamins and minerals, drink alcohol in moderation and stay physically active.

Dr. Weiss is committed to helping her patients be active participants in their breast cancer journeys. This series is just one of the ways she is hoping to reach out to a broader circle to share the advice she’s picked up over the years, as both a doctor treating patients and a survivor who has personally lived through the challenge of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Take a moment to visit the videos today or share with anyone you know-either newly diagnosed or a long-time survivor-who may find Dr. Weiss’ advice helpful.

About Dr. Weiss: Marisa Weiss, M.D. is the founder, president, and guiding force behind, the world’s most utilized online resource for medical and personal expert information on breast health and breast cancer – reaching 27 million people globally over the past 10 years. A breast cancer oncologist with more than 20 years of active practice in the Philadelphia region, Dr. Weiss is regarded as a visionary advocate for her innovative and steadfast approach to informing and empowering individuals to protect their breast health and overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

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