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Breaking News: Posting One Of Your Two Small Children Is Your Favorite On Your Blog Is A Bad Idea!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

According to Yahoo, a father in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has received numerous negative comments on internet message boards after posting on his blog that he prefers his kindergartener to his toddler.

From the article:

“‘If I were to be absolutely honest, my older son is my favorite of the two,’ Buzz Bishop wrote at, where he blogs as DadCamp. ‘He and I are adventurous partners in crime, and I can’t imagine life without him. He was an accident waiting to happen, and I’m so glad it did.’”

We might add that parents out there may not want to post for the world to see that their favorite kid was an “accident.”

Now the good news, from the father’s wife:

“I know where he’s coming from, and I know he loves them both the same,” she told The Daily Mail. “It’s just the age of the two, his favorite is the older one because he can relate more to him. It doesn’t necessarily mean Zacharie is a favorite overall, it’s just a favorite right now.”

So don’t worry, child #2! There’s still a chance you can earn your father’s affections, and even pass the first kid in ranking, perhaps in the rebellious teenage years! And if a new kid comes along, we have ourselves quite the horse race!

Oh we forgot to mention the father is a radio host, and is bound to be getting all kinds of free publicity!

3 Worse Ways A Radio Host Could Get Cheap, Blatant Publicity Than Publicly Declaring A Child To Be Their Favorite

1. Report fake traffic reports and send every car in Calgary to drive on a detour by a massive billboard for the DJ’s radio show. If it’s a morning show, be sure to show a middle-aged duo in kooky poses with equally kooky names to compensate for the fact that they couldn’t care less about the latest Katy Perry song they’ll play every morning for the next six weeks, or that they don’t really share the excitement with the latest screaming winner of Ke$ha tickets, unless maybe the winner is barely legal.

2. Have a weekly top 40 countdown ranking all of their Facebook friends! Remember that includes family, which is why it is worse, especially for any high-school-aged nephews falling down the charts with the Halloween dance so near!

3. Having a presidential-style debate on the air between a kindergarten aged kid and a toddler to debate why each one should be elected as “Daddy’s Favorite” by the station’s listeners. The toddler can’t speak and has a massive disadvantage, especially on the radio, where cuteness is unlikely to influence voters! That said, let’s just say there could be a major upset if Sarah Palin’s VP-debating coaches help that toddler out!

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