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Bordeaux Ghost Signs Featured in easyJet Traveller In-flight Magazine

By Invisiblebordeaux
Bordeaux ghost signs featured in easyJet Traveller in-flight magazineAs you may have gathered, Bordeaux is making regular appearances in easyJet Traveller, the in-flight magazine available on board all easyJet aircraft as they criss-cross Europe in all directions. 
Throughout October 2018, the subject is so-called ghost signs, faded handpainted signs and advertisements that have somehow managed to survive the test of time... and one of the recurring themes on the Invisible Bordeaux blog over the years!
Five of the city's prettiest signs feature in this "listicle", which is a pleasing case of old-school communications and design finding their way into the hands of modern-day travellers!
> You can read the full article by clicking here:> The full October 2018 issue of easyJet Traveller magazine can be viewed here:

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