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(Book Review) Toddler Board Books Review: Underwear Do’s and Don’t and Let’s Play Outside

By Shwetashetye

In our wonderful series of book reviews, now is the turn of toddler board books review that every mom is looking for. These are not must haves, but rather a mom's personal opinion about which books were the most fun for her toddler.

Underwear Do's And Don'ts by Todd Parr

(Book Review) Toddler board books review: Underwear Do’s and Don’t and Let’s Play Outside

Text and Illustrations- Todd Parr

Ages- O-4

Megan Tingley Books, Newyork

I love Todd Parr Books. They are in bright primary colors, use simple stick figures for illustrations and are definitely funny. This book uses minimum text, which makes it appealing for the young readers. As it is a board book, it can bear all the enthusiastic page turning and repetitive reading. Also the size of the book is such that it's just the right size for those pudgy hands. This one is especially high on entertainment as it uses an everyday item like underwear, which is anyways an object to laugh about for toddlers. They are yet to learn the underwear ''etiquette'' and find all the guffaws in this book very funny. In our household, this book is a favorite. When I read it out to my kids for the first time, even I kept chuckling.

The best thing is it has no definitive beginning or a finale. So, once you finish reading it, you can add your own do's and don'ts to it. My son came up with some pretty innovative ones.

The do's and don'ts list is definitely goofy and therefore appealing- ''Do have lots of different kinds of underwear". ''Don't wear it all at once''. OR ''Do put your clean underwear away'' ''don't put it in the freezer''. It is also a good help to make kids understand the concept of do's and don'ts. So if you want to lay down some basic house rules, this book can be a good start.

Todd Parr also has a very good and interactive website which has various activities for kids like coloring pages of which we can take printouts. One really good quote on his website is- it's ok to make mistakes and create your own masterpiece. He also insists that it's okay to color outside the line. What's not to love about such easy going approach?

(Book Review) Toddler board books review: Underwear Do’s and Don’t and Let’s Play Outside
(Book Review) Toddler board books review: Underwear Do’s and Don’t and Let’s Play Outside

Let's Play Outside
(Book Review) Toddler board books review: Underwear Do’s and Don’t and Let’s Play Outside

Written by- Adria Wang

Illustrations- Paul Nicholls

Ages- 2-4

Creative Edge LLC

A cute little board book all of five pages. It talks of various ''days''- buzzy fun day, a rainy day, a hot sunny day, an autumn day and a snowy winter day. It tells of the simple fun activities that you can do on these days like smelling the flowers, cooling off on the beach or building a snowman. The illustrations show the change in season. The clothing etc. changes with the season like gumboots and raincoat on a rainy day or woollens on a chilly winter day. Definitely not a top favorite in my household but can be used to explain changes in weather.

So these are our picks this time. Tell us what are you reading out to your little one? How are they finding it? Any specific book that you want us to review for you? Go ahead...drop us a line in the comments section and we will get back to you.

This is again one of the many book reviews that we plan to do for multiple age groups. Is there any favorite book that you read to your little one and would want to suggest to other moms. Share your experience here on curiousmumma!

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