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Book Review: Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler: A Love Story - Trudi Kanter

By Bmae @bmae47
Dear Trudi Kanter:
   Hello, I am a recent reader of your Memoir, Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler. I am writing to share my thoughts and opinions about your book. Naturally, I find myself reading literature about the Holocaust. Your book was a charming find! Mrs. Kanter you are truly a shero (she+hero = female hero) with extreme class and dignity. I respect how you set and achieve goals of personal and career success, all while surviving Hitler. You paved a trail for woman everywhere. 
   Reading through your experience, I found myself delighting in the detail you share about the timeless style of clothing, tastes of luxurious foods, and the feelings of romance. I truly fell in love with your writing as you were falling in love with Walter. Quickly, Hitler’s rein places an eminent weight on all of the lovely romance. Seamlessly, you eloquently share how terror lives - word by word.
   Your perspective of being an Austrian Jewish Woman during this horrific time was personally touching, as we share Austrian heritage. I admire how you continued to run a posh lady’s hat shop, while secretly obtaining exit visas from the underground. This courageous act freed yourself, your x-husband, parents, and current lover from Hitler’s dark plan.  
   The way you write your experience is clean, expressive, and easy-to-follow. I found myself postponing dates and appointments with friends as to read the next penned chapter. Continually, I think of your story and how the Holocaust continues to affect lives universally. I wish you and all those involved all the best. Anyone looking for a uniquely feminine descriptive historical account of your survival will be most moved by your account.
All the Best,
Brianna Mae

Buffalo Book Rating

Picture I award, Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler by Trudi Kanter:  
Four out of five buffalos - 
A Stampeding Good Read.

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