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Book Review of Time of Death: Induction

By Levyingkishan
Book Review of Time of Death: InductionLife becomes a large cauldron, when your worst fears chase you for your life and even more worse when you don’t know from whom you are running from.The story starts with a shriek “Code Brown in room 204”, which gives you an eerie feeling of what has happened and you have to dig in, to know what caused the panic and what will be the aftermath of it.Book Review of Time of Death: Induction

Lives of Jake and Emma change forever when the un-dead chase them, for their neighbours start eating each other and were next in queue to be eaten.The story describes the petrified lives of the living and the ways they devise to be protected from the un-dead. It all started with a bite, and it spread like a wild fire in every direction. With the passage of time the un-dead hunt the living and in the process give rise to a whole new army of more un-dead, with ever increasing proportions.Jake and Emma run for their lives in search of any living and find a group of people who were taking shelter in make shift houses, until they were again force to leave their houses when attacked by the infected zombies. And the story describes the ways they invent and devise to stay away from the zombies and to move far away from them. I don’t want to be spoiler of what has happened in the story, but it is a must read book for all the zombie lovers.My Review:Well poised novel with a lot of drama and fear. There is always an eerie feeling with the characters in the novel of being attacked by some zombie and to get infected. Jake and Emma, the protagonist of the story were always on their feet since the outbreak of the infection. There was a bit of reconciliation towards the end and the fear that once grasped Jake and Emma was now ward-off and peace prevailed. The humming of the birds and the cries of the children were more of music than noises to our protagonists, after a long battle for survival.I just had a feeling the ending is going to be like the stories that we heard when we were kids “Happily Ever After!”, but as everything seemed ok, the author, brought the infection again to the survivors and there was a twist, at the very end of the story.It gives a bird’s I view, of the events, from the eyes of a woman (Emma) and it captures the moments in the story that only a woman can understand.

I am very thankful to Shana Festa for considering me to review her novel.About the Author: Book Review of Time of Death: InductionShana Festa The Bookie Monster reviews horror and paranormal books, with an emphasis (but not limited to) zombie fiction. With a background in Psych Nursing, Shana brings her unique perspective to the online reading community. Her highly anticipated zombie novel Time of Death: Induction is now available.

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