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Book Review of Millionaire Training by Tami Yaari.

By Levyingkishan
My Review
“No matter how long the room has been in darkness, two days or a thousand years, the moment you turn on the light, the room is lit.”Book Review of Millionaire Training by Tami Yaari. So, is the world of money, the very second you learn the tricks of the trade you are all set to become rich.
Now I would love to say that before you become a millionaire, you need to have a millionaire mindset and should be rich in your thoughts long before you make yourself rich.
One who is rich I his/her thoughts is rich beyond any materialistic acquisitions in life even money.
The author describes money and how can it impact a person’s life and how it changes the perspective of a person towards the world around him once he learns the tricks of making money.
The author quotes “When people earn well, they are calmer, have more self-confidence and become more generous.” Yeah! It’s true. Once you can find the treasure you have been long searching for, you will need to replicate it and earn even more and in the process understand how the cash flows.
The book describes how the money has changed over time and how it will impact our future.
You make know the tricks of the trade but you may not have the proper guidance or a leader who can show you how to make money. This book will help you in every possible way to make money and with some brilliant examples will show you the path which you need to tread to understand how to make money from the simplest of your talents you possess.
The book has showcased how the emotion of a person changes, once they posses more money, why they fear money even and how to let go of the fear.
The author wants you to reprogram yourself and to learn the process of making money, with a few exercises she has made.
I believe once you finish doing all the exercises she has asked you to do, it will change the way you have looked at money and will give a crystal clear view of why you need to make money, which is more important.
I remember a quote that I learnt in Network Marketing
“If you know how to do the job you will be the employee but if you know why to do the job you will always be the boss.”
It’s your WHY? That matters the most!
Incredible book to help you sky rocket your thought process and become financially rich.
About the book
Seven original exercises that will change your relationship with money and open you to wealth.The mental images and ideas we have about money determine our possible wealth. From the day you were born, you have passively absorbed positive and negative ideas about money from your family, society and the media. Reprogramming your unconscious is the best tool to change your reality. Realize what your inner money programming is and change it to reach new levels of success and fulfillment.Re-program your unconscious and see the results in your bank account.Millionaire Training offers a fascinating perspective on the way money has been perceived throughout history, and how that influences your financial ability today. This breakthrough in the field of moneymaking will radically change your perception and open you to new practical options. Learn to let go of uncontrolled conditioning that holds you back and gain the power to create the life of your dreams.Gain the freedom to choose what money means to you and create the financial state you desire.Design and accomplish the financial state you aspire to with this easy to read, practical guide, which has put many people on their highway to wealth.A must-read for anyone interested in financial freedom.
From the Author
There are two meaningful reasons for me to write this book. First, reprogramming has completely changed my life and the life of many of my clients. Based on over twenty years of experience in creating a breakthrough in people's lives, I totally believe reprogramming is the basis for a life of freedom and wealth.
Secondly, I totally believe we are all meant to live free of financial burden. I believe it is within reach of any person to create abundance. Dramatically improving my own financial state has given my family and me so much that I want to enable the same wonderful experience to as many others as possible.I can see in my vision a humanity who long ago has solved its money problem. We will get there as more and more people like you take responsibility for their dreams, including their financial state.As you read this book great changes will happen in your financial state.I wish you a great journey into abundance.

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