Bobba Jelly Tea and Coffee: Milk Tea and Coffee Station: Marikina City, Philippines: Review

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco

Bobba Jelly: Tea & Coffee

Bobba Jelly milk tea

Milk tea products has taken generation 2000 by storm. I personally have encountered my first milk tea product when I was in college studying at the University of Santo Tomas. To be honest, at my first experience of having one was quite memorable. It is because I compared its taste with metal, not that I have tasted one already but it really does (especially the after taste). Although it was for free then since my friend just treated me to taste it, I told myself what is it with this drink that a lot of students buy it regularly, I mean like getting addicted on drinking it.
The name of the store was "Simple life" turned "Simple line" for your information (FYI) only.
But guess what happened next, I suddenly craved for it after like a few days. And from then on, I was drinking more milk and more tea ever in my life. I was the one who even encourage and invite my college friends now to buy them HAHA! Although we still do not know what it contains that make every student crazy about it, that even UST doctors have scheduled purchase for them - Rumors then on spread that they are highly good for your health and at the same time tastes good. The news about this product spread like fire via word of reliable mouths that starts to mark its history in many lives. 
Funny as it seems, the internet describes Milk tea simply as tea mixed or combined with milk. The definition is technically true although for me it is too simple. As the product evolves, the milk and the tea is now combined with a lot of ingredients and add-ons making it hard to resist.
As I encounter a lot (I mean A LOT!) of new milk tea shops popping out from everywhere, Bobba Jelly caught my attention from the rest.
"Bobba Jelly is very popular in Taiwan, it is considered the original Bubble there! With its frothy and sweet looking bubbles plus its chewy pearls, it is the refreshing drink to experience!"

Bobba Jelly menu board

Bobba Jelly menu board

All the raw ingredients used are personally handpicked to satisfy even the most delicate taste buds. You'll definitely love and patronize the variety of milk tea-based & fruity smoothies we have concocted just for you. Choose also your add-ons or toppings from colorful pearls, aloe, nata or basil seeds all with no additional cost!
We have searched and brewed the finest blend with your favorite Lattes for everybody to enjoy. Get your delicious Mocha Java, Hazelnut Latte, Caffe Latte, or even the soothing most-wanted Peppermint Latte in a frappe form with Whipped Cream & served with Coffee Jelly as add-ons.
Who says you can't have a delightful gourmet drink on a limited budget? 

Patronize Bobba Jelly

Bobba Jelly customers enjoying their refreshing drinks

They serve from different fruit tea blends, different flavors of milk tea, unique add-ons and even coffee lattes item line. I personally have tasted their rock-salt milk tea products and the taste was incomparable. As a milk tea lover with high expectations every time something new comes up, it exceeded mine. A truly recommendable milk tea station to visit with your friends and family.
Their prices are very affordable which ranges from P50 to P100 or $1 - $2.5 only given that the place is very clean and visitor friendly. They even deliver to near by areas in Marikina especially to different sports complexes and courts around the corners and streets prior to their location. Where can they be found?
Store location: 53 Russet Street, SSS Village Marikina City, PH 1811Operating Hours: Mon. to Sun., 11am to 11pmFacebook fan page: /bobbajellymknaSo what are you waiting for? Grab a Bobba Jelly Tea & Coffee drink now!  

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