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Blown Away by Chemical Free, Antibacterial Cleaning... with Just Water and a Cloth!

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

I am not easily impressed, and when a client introduced me to chemical free cleaning products from a Norwegian company I was intrigued but skeptical. When she spread butter on a glass table top and I cleaned it grease-free and streak- free in about 10 seconds with two cloths, one wet and one dry, she had my attention!

Then when I learned that the cloths also killed 99.99 percent of bacteria as well because of a silver-based agent woven into the fabric (silver is used to kill bacteria in medical dressings) I was completely blown away... clean quicker and easier, chemical free, and kill bacteria at the same time... amazing!!

What's the magic that makes the cloths work so well? It's microfiber... but different from the microfiber you have likely already used. Typical microfiber cloths are as fine as a human hair split 10 times... NORWEX microfiber splits the human hair 100 times!



We have a solid surface counter that we use for everything from preparing and serving food to reading the paper and even changing baby diapers on occasion. Needless to say, it can get very dirty, greasy and filled with bacteria. I am sensitive to chemicals and in the past my husband would clean it with an antibacterial cleaner while I left the room... not any more!

I gave a couple cloths to our son and when he pulled out a chair that had been stored in the garage all winter to clean it he said he grabbed a NORWEX cloth when he couldn't find the cleaner he usually used... and he was impressed! He wet the cloth once and it cleaned the whole chair quicker, easier and more effectively than his usual method. He took a dust mitt to work (he is a Crate & Barrel furniture store designer) and they loved it!

Our daughter loves using their personal care cloths for washing her face... it removes makeup, even heavy eye makeup, with nothing more than water and a cloth! A friend said she tried it, then had to test it afterwards by wiping her face with her usual face cleaner and a cotton ball... it was perfectly clean.

Just think how good this is for both personal health and the environment... as well as all the money saved by not needing other cleaning products!

It impressed me so much that I felt compelled to start telling everyone I came into contact with about it! Some people already knew about NORWEX products, but it was new to many people like me and they asked me where they could buy them. NORWEX is a company much like Tupperware and sold primarily in home parties... however they can now also be purchased online and shipped direct to you, but only through a NORWEX consultant.

Soooo.... I am doing something I never expected to be doing. In addition to being a REALTOR, I am now also a NORWEX consultant... spreading the word for personal health and the environment. Click here for more information or to order direct online at www.mycleanliving.com... or contact me for a free sample demonstration!


Sharlene Hensrud, RE/MAX Results - Email - mycleanliving.com

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