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Bloggers for Health: Banishing Bad Habits

By Lisagray @juicysatsuma
This week for BFH* we’ve been asked to discuss one of our bad health and fitness habits and how we plan to break that habit. Mine, without a doubt, is snacking at work out of boredom and not hunger!
*If you’re not sure what BFH is then please click the awesome little button in my right hand bar to find out.
I work in an office and therefore spend the majority of my day at my desk. Even when I’m really busy with my head in a complicated spreadsheet there’s still a bored fidgetiness (Yes, I made up a word!) in the back of my mind which means I end up munching away on whatever I have to hand. I’ve come up with a few ideas which I’m hoping will help me break this habit.
1. Set myself designated snack times throughout the day. I usually take my lunch hour between 1pm and 2pm but I don’t really take tea breaks as such, so I’’ve decided to allow myself a little snack at 10.30am and 4pm (I work 9.30am until 6pm). If I’m going straight to a class at the gym from work I’ll allow myself a little energy boosting snack at 6pm while I’m on the train!
2. Bring my two or three snacks for the day into work with me. I’m hoping this will stop me from running out the office at 3pm to the nearest newsagent and grabbing a bar of chocolate.*
*Disclaimer: When I say grabbing I mean “picking up off the shelf and then paying for”. Stealing is wrong, even when your really really hungry.
3. Bring the right kind of snacks to work with me! I’m thinking a tupperware box of fresh strawberries, little boxes of raisins, carrots with hummus dip...
4. Mix it up a bit! To broaden my horizons and to stop my taste buds from getting bored I’ve signed up to Graze. If you’re not familiar with Graze the basic concept is that you get a little box of food delivered to your home or work which has four punnets of snacks inside. These snacks include things like chili and garlic olives, apple and cinnamon flapjacks and dried fruit and nut mixes. You can get a box delivered as often as you like but I get one on a Monday and one on a Wednesday. I have loved the boxes I've received so far. 

Here's a little look at what's been inside some of my boxes.
Bloggers for Health: Banishing Bad Habits
Bloggers for Health: Banishing Bad Habits
Bloggers for Health: Banishing Bad Habits
Bloggers for Health: Banishing Bad Habits
How do you deal with mid morning and mid afternoon snack attacks? Any healthy snack suggestions?
Lisa x

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