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Black n' Gold Blitz : Why the Steelers Need to Trust Todd Haley (No, I'm Not Drunk)

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
The NFL Combine is over, and NFL teams have begun their contract restructuring to be in compliance with the NFL Salary Cap. The free agent signing period is literally right around the corner. These are exciting times in most NFL cities, except for Pittsburgh (I wrote an entire article on the Steelers history of not signing Free Agents). However, as players start to circulate and interest levels spike regarding certain free agent prospects, there is one thing that remains a constant in my mind. The Steelers' offense is really going to change from last year to this year. New offensive line coach with a new blocking scheme, alot of key players might not be returning, and most importantly...Todd Haley's second year calling the plays.
Todd Haley was ripped to shreds towards the end of last season for his play calling, and at times, questionable formations and personnel decisions. Lets keep a couple things in mind before criticizing Haley as an OC (Offensive Coordinator): #1) The personnel decisions are NOT just his decision, but also Mike Tomlin's. #2) Play Calling...he cannot control if Ben Roethlisberger changes the play at the line of scrimmage. #3) The players he has, might not be the perfect fit for his system...that might take a year or two to get the appropriate players in the mix and comfortable with the offense before the real dividends start to become seen. I want to focus on #3 for a minute. When the Steelers decided to keep Haley as the OC for the upcoming 2013 - 2014 season, they were making a statement that they were behind their OC no matter what. At least willing to give him another year to prove himself capable with a team that has alot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. When that olive branch was extended from the Rooneys and Mike Tomlin to Todd thing needs to happen from the men upstairs, and the need to TRUST Todd Haley.
Some of you might read this and gasp at the thought, but hear me out. Look back at Todd Haley's previous experience as an OC and you see a man that knows what he is doing...a man that is very capable in that role. Is he the best Head Coach? No, but as an OC...he can hold his own. As the Steelers approach free agency and the draft, they need to trust Todd Haley. Trust that he is capable of making the decisions necessary to get this offense where it needs to be, and that is a championship caliber offense. When people bash the idea of bringing Steve Breaston to the Steelers, this is one of the times you need to trust Haley. Haley coached Breaston in Arizona and knows his skill set. If he feels he would be a good fit for the Steelers, you have to trust his decision. If the Steelers look to draft a RB and let some of their current offensive players go...then you have to trust Todd Haley. Could this faith and trust in Todd Haley blow up in the Steelers' faces? It certainly could, but it could also pay huge dividends. If Haley is able to get "HIS" offense in place and functioning like he had his offenses in Arizona and KC, then the Steelers could be on their way. This will need to happen, but it can't happen unless the Steelers, SteelerNation, and Mike Tomlin TRUST TODD HALEY...

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