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Black Friday “Bloody Pages of Indian History” – What Exactly Happened on March 12,1993

By Vikasacharya

Black Friday “Bloody pages of Indian history” – what exactly happened on March 12,1993On March 12, 1993, a series of bomb explosions ruptured the arteries of Mumbai and brought the city to its knees, which resulted in death of 257 persons, injuries of various types to 713 persons and destruction of properties worth more than Rupees 27 crores.The explosions were caused at vital Govt. installations, public premises and crowded places with intention to overawe the Government established by law and to cause terror among public at large. The first car bomb exploded in the basement of the 28-storey Bombay Stock Exchange building at 1.30 pm, killing 50 on the spot. The 13 bombs which exploded in quick succession brought the city's most iconic buildings to their knees, beginning with the symbol of its financial...

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