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Black Enterprise Soon To Unveil ‘Black & Gay In Corporate America” Issue

Posted on the 08 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


Black Enterprise on July 19th will release its first cover story where they fuse LGBT life by focusing on those in business that identify themselves as LGBT and were willing to discuss it for the feature.

Black Enterprise Soon To Unveil ‘Black & Gay In Corporate America” Issue

Black Enterprise Cover

With this being the first major venture into this territory (for both BE and the LGBT professionals) this will more than likely be an interesting read, even if some will view it as quite controversial. After all,the LGBT community is not often accepted readily in the black community – so having one of the major publications discuss being black and gay in a positive way is one more steps to complete solidarity within the black community.

Courtesy of BE’s blog:

Who is the gay Black professional? If you were to rely on media images, they are overtly flamboyant and dramatic male hairstylists and fashion designers. Depictions are often skewed comedic renderings of members of a community who in real life too often lead separate lives to buffer themselves—and their families—from ridicule.

I plan to pick the issue up when it is released and will disclose my thoughts once I read it. However, it is refreshing to finally get to know about those that don’t fit the “stereotypical” LGBT model allowing others to see that we are everywhere and not disappearing anytime soon. Gotta love it.

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