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Black Enterprise’s ‘Black & Gay In Corporate America’ Provides New Insight On A Controversial Topic

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


Black Enterprise’s much-anticipated article, “Black and Gay in Corporate America” was published on their site this morning for all to see. The article, written by Carolyn M. Brown provides a well written expose on black LGBT business leaders in upper management.

Black Enterprise’s ‘Black & Gay In Corporate America’ Provides New Insight On A Controversial Topic

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With the BE providing the usual business perspective for the black community, it is nice for them to tackle this topic (even if some readers would consider it quite taboo).

Some of the many pro’s of this article:

  • Black Enterprise having the nerve to tackle this topic and make it into a front page story. It is nice to have such a recognizable name in our corner promoting equality.
  • Putting faces to the names. It was nice being able to hear personal stories of those that are out at their professions. Being able to read about their identity and how it affected their professional lives made them all come across as relatable.
  • Facts! It amazes me how many articles fail to use facts and statistics when reporting.
  • A mix of gender representation. Even though, it still skewed more towards the gay black male, women did receive some love too. It was nice to see a femme representation. It is tiring that most when thinking of a black woman in charge automatically think of the “power dyke” stereotype.
  • Trans issues were touched on! While being a minority within a minority, at times can be difficult, I loved that trans issues were brought up in the article. Of course, it wasn’t the primary focus but it was nice that it was touched on due to how those that identify as trans are met with unease.
  • Shining light on companies that “practice what they preach” when it comes to diversity. In order for us to get out there, we need to approach companies that are willing to work with us and not against us.
  • That the black community is writing about this issue. Too many times, our voices go muted because other communities feel that they can speak on for us, which shouldn’t be the case.

Now for the cons:

  • Bringing in the often discussed issue of homophobia, the black church and how it affects blacks in the gay community. It is nice to talk about these things but it did sound slightly out of place within the scope of the article. How the black church plays into homophobia is an important thing but it would be nice for us to discuss ways to combat that problem, instead of hashing out the same thing over and over.
  • lt would have been nice if the activism and advocacy section provided more insight. Due to the fact that it is time we start focusing on what we can do to move forward, instead of hovering on why things have remained the same.

All and all, the article was timely and informative, an extremely worth-while read. Nice to see other aspects of our community outside of the glitz and glam of Hollywood and music with their lack of credible LGBT black entertainers. Make sure to support this article, we need to bring up the positives within our community so more uplifting stories reach the public.

The article can be read here. Black Enterprise’s LGBT page comprised of more stories of interest for the black LGBT community is located at

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