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Bit Digital Calipers | Exclusive Electronic Calipers Stainless Steel with Extreme Degree Accuracy | 4 Measurements Big LCD with SAE Or Metric System and Tri-Mode Function | Case Box Present Included

By Irene Ross

Bit Digital Calipers (TM)

Precision and detail is one main important point that you should be taking care of when constructing or crafting something. Thus, professional tools with readable result is needed on your hand.

Here why we recommend you Bit Digital Calipers (TM)…
– Anti-rust stainless steel material
– Clear Big LED screen
– Detailed metric to imperial measurements
– 2 batteries included as gift

Comes in 9.4 x 3.1 x 0.5 inch size with features a big LCD screen, Bit Digital Calipers (TM) is easy to read and easy to operate linear capacity measuring system. This electronic digital caliper designed to display both in inches and metric which can increase from 0″ – 6″ (0 to 150 mm) and can display smaller value as 0.0005 (0.01 mm).

Our digital caliper offers you the highest degree of precision every single moment. This professional grade tool converts from SAE or Metric instantly, can be zeroed on the side at any point in time and offer the best solution when wrong reading proves disastrous.

Bit Digital Calipers (TM) provides you sensitivity to the highest order as it is designed with a thumb roll mechanism that allows you position the lock in order to adjust easily.

If all you need is an exact measurement, get any caliper but if you need an accurate, well detailed measurement that is readable. Click “ADD TO CART” button above and get bonus case box in every purchase of this electronic caliper. .

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