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Birth Story; We Lost the Heartbeat of Our Baby

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Birth Story; We lost the heartbeat of our baby



On the Wednesday, I didn’t feel my son move that much defiantly less than 10 times. I waited till my partner came home from work and told him, he suggested drinking some juice, going on my exercise ball, walking up and down the stairs and nothing worked. I knew there was something wrong, I phoned the maternity ward and since I was so far on (38+3) it was advised to come in and be monitored.

As we got the maternity ward, little one started moving like crazy (Typical) however they still wanted to check his heart rate to make sure everything was OK. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was sky high and Taylor’s heart rate was going from 200 down to 90 bpm in a matter of seconds and back up again. I have never been so scared.The midwife turned to me and my partner and said “it will be a nice day to have a baby!” I and my other half just looked at each other in shock, the time had finally arrived.

After a few more scans of the baby’s heart beat we were put onto observation to keep a check on my blood pressure which was still high. The doctor came and explained than I would be getting induced as it will be safer for me and the baby than sending me home.


After 3 attempts of the inducing tablets and 2 days of waiting, walking, rolling on the exercise ball and countless word searches my waters finally broke at 5.10pm. I was so glad they didn’t have to break my water; the instrument didn’t look too cute. 

I was then told that I would be moved to the high dependency delivery room at 9, till then I was strapped up onto the monitor listening to Taylors heart beat. Funnily the midwife I had was in fact my friend’s mam, so all dignity went through the window.

Getting moved to the delivery suite was so scary, I didn’t know what was going to happen, how I would cope, and a million things went through my mind. I was then hooked up to a drip to speed up my contractions and I’m not the biggest fan of needles and this one wasn’t any better. To keep my mind off this huge need in my arm, I asked my partner to read me the Da Vinci Code that I brought with me. I have never laughed so much; it was so comforting hearing his voice. 

I was put on gas and air and at first I didn’t really need it, my contractions were coming but I was fine with the pain. I thought to myself “This isn’t so bad”. Oh was I wrong, my partner went to get some water for me and the real contractions started at 12 midnight! I hit the gas and air hard! I couldn’t even hold then nozzle because I was in so much pain so my partner held it in my mouth. This is where my memory gets hazy. I was put on to my side to see if that would ease the pain , oh it did but then we lost Taylor’s heart beat and couldn’t find it again.

The midwife tried to get me back on my back but I just wouldn’t, at this point I didn’t know what was going on with the baby. After calling the doctors to come in and trying to get me on my back they finally got his heartbeat back on the monitor. I was totally numb to all of this; I can barely remember it now. I feel sorry for my boyfriend who watched this all happen, I can’t imagine how he was feeling and all he could do was be there and support me.

The time came when they had to take the gas and air off me so I could concentrate on pushing, I got half of Taylor’s head out when I started to panic and he went back in. All I kept saying was “I doing want to tear” looking back now that was pretty selfish of me. After a pep talk from the midwife I started to push again. Yey! He was finally here! However he came out back to back and the cord wrapped round his neck twice.

The midwife sprung into action removed the cord and rubbed him down, then he cried. I looked at my partner and I couldn’t believe we done it! He was put into my arms and those eyes opened up and he was the beautiful thing I had ever seen. Taylor Anthony Juninho Lancaster Born 26th November weighing 6lb had entered the world and I have never looked back, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


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