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  • Falling Through the Earth

    Falling Through Earth

    The 2012 remake of the classic film Total Recall features a giant elevator that plunges through the earth from Australia to England. This trip is called the... Read more

    The 28 may 2022 by   Ccc1685
  • The Dynamics of Inflation

    Dynamics Inflation

    Inflation, the steady increase of prices and wages, is a nice example of what is called a marginal mode, line attractor, or invariant manifold in dynamical... Read more

    The 18 may 2022 by   Ccc1685
  • New Paper on Sars-CoV-2

    Paper Sars-CoV-2

    J.C.Phillips, Marcelo A.Moret, Gilney F.Zebende, Carson C.Chow Abstract The novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2 responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and SARS CoV-1... Read more

    The 16 may 2022 by   Ccc1685
  • Primate and Predator Project Annual Report 2021

    The Primate and Predator Project Annual Report 2021 highlights our major achievements and developments from the past year. These would not be possible without... Read more

    The 17 march 2022 by   Iratemonkey
  • Reorganizing Risk in the Age of Disaster

    I've been thinking a lot about what we should do for the next (and current) disaster. The first thing to say is that I am absolutely positively sure that I coul... Read more

    The 02 january 2022 by   Ccc1685
  • The Dynamics of Breakthrough Infections

    Dynamics Breakthrough Infections

    In light of the new omicron variant and breakthrough infections in people who have been vaccinated or previously infected, I was asked to discuss what a model... Read more

    The 01 january 2022 by   Ccc1685
  • Autocracy and Star Trek

    Like many youth of my generation, I watched the original Star Trek in reruns and Next Generation and Deep Space Nine in real time. I enjoyed the shows but... Read more

    The 31 october 2021 by   Ccc1685
  • My Immune System

    One outcome of the pandemic is that I have not had any illness (knock on wood), nary a cold nor sniffle, in a year and a half. On the other hand, my skin has... Read more

    The 16 october 2021 by   Ccc1685
  • Rna

    I read an article recently about an anti-vaccination advocate exclaiming at a press conference with the governor of Florida that vaccines against SARS-CoV-2... Read more

    The 20 september 2021 by   Ccc1685
  • Rapidly Eyeball Abstract and Diagrams

    Rapidly Eyeball Abstract Diagrams

    R.E.A.D. = Rapidly Eyeball Abstract and Diagrams"Did you read the paper by Østman et al. (2014)?""Yes, I READ it."What does it mean to read a paper? Read more

    The 26 august 2021 by   Bjornostman