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Biography of Just Another Superstar Or “Imagine Kanyeminem Mating with Bjork Seven Years in Tibet, While Listening Star Guitar Composed by Mozart on a Speedball…”

Posted on the 14 August 2012 by Alreadydidit

Biography of Just Another Superstar or “Imagine Kanyeminem mating with Bjork seven years in Tibet, while listening Star Guitar composed by Mozart on a speedball…”

[UNDISCLOSED] / Just Another Superstar (JAS) is currently preparing to release all music he or she (from now on he as a gender-neutral pronoun) has produced as [undisclosed] and everything he has worked on as [undisclosed], from texts to digital art, as a massive music and media compilation that may turn out to be the largest in the history by one artist. This release will contain anywhere from 80 to 120 hours of original electronic music from all genres ranging from techno to breaks to to game music, ambient and avant-garde pieces.

JAS fell in love with a sound and harmonies at the age of four, when he was travelling during a summer on a small boat in a busy Northern harbor somewhere in this planet, where he was captivated by the sounds of ocean, seagulls and the large freight ships with their big engines and loud sonorous horns; and to the way everything resonated with his mesmerizing voice, when he was humming in harmony.

Inspired by all of this, JAS began composing impromptu melodies on piano without any prior knowledge of music theory or notation; and also with any objects he could get hands onto from egg slicers [sic] to tin cans. He tried to get to study music when he was seven years old, but was not accepted for not having neither flexible enough fingers required to start formal training or naturally gifted singing voice.

This minor setback did not let him down the slightest, and while JAS waited technology to pick up a speed to match the vision he had as an electronic musician, he started planning his life’s work and legacy – the kind of music and the message he ultimately would want to deliver as an artist, performer and a star,

Between the ages 10 – 12 JAS decided to pursue music as a lifetime profession regardless of anything else he might do, and decided to become the most influential artist alive upon viewing Aphex Twin‘s music video “On”, “Flashback” by Laurent Garnier,“Papua New Guinea” by Future Sound of London, and especially Bjork’s “Hyperballad” & Moby’s “Go”; and consecutively set to become the best entertaining artist in the history and break all the existing records, after viewing Michael Jackson perform “Billie Jean” live.

Before JAS started making own music, he was heavily influenced by Vangelis and Blade Runner sonndtrack (he used to leave playing on a repeat while sleeping), Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dreams and works by 8-bit (SID) game music composers Ben Daglish and Chris Huelsbeck among many others.

Later as a young teen he got into techno, drum and bass, house and rave culture through MTV’s Party Zone and was introduced to illegal and legal raves both in USA and Europe, while admiring pioneers of electronic music: artists and DJs like Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Ken Ishii, Kevin Saunderson, DJ Rolando, Maurizio, Ed Rush & Optical, Art of Noise, Bassface Sascha, CJ Bolland, Massive Attack, The Prodigy and Underworld, while picking influences also from baroque music and legends like Henry Purcell and Mozart.

JAS started composing music on a computer at the age 12, and after three months, he released independently two singles, which he then sent to a popular young-adults dance music show, which played them both immediately. It did not result into anything significant at the time, but Just Another Superstar was onto something. Career was set.

In the following few months JAS produced music enough for his first two albums to be released later in the future, and did close to 20 full length albums in the first two years alone, which he then sold online to electronic niche music fans around the globe.

Meanwhile this adamant artist would send demos to dozens of record labels around the globe with little to no luck getting any contact back. This changed in the summer of 1998, when JAS reviewed over 300 songs on former MP3.com in a week. This feat and the unique music, banter and an exceptional work ethic was spotted by an indie-music advocate, who then became his mentor and a promoter for free, because he saw big things (and big bucks) in the future for this crazy kiddo.

[A company] owned by this promoter then streamed the popular exclusive web radio for JAS from 2001 to 2004 non-stop, before dot-com bust forced their operations to be shut down for many years. The radio boasted close to 50 000 recurring listeners with over 30 hour playlist and hit SHOUTcast top 100 list as the only station with music from just one artist.

Skip some years later, especially after Michael Jackson passed away, JAS is now changing gears completely to emerge from shadows to the spotlights to conquer pop landscape for good and fill the boots of the greats as a performing artist who combines philosophy with pop music and then some. While he is still nobody and does not have much momentum elsewhere yet, he is packing a punch with more ammo than any other artist I know of from past or present.

This gradual change from marginal sound to pop music is apparent in the songs that shaped his newfound direction one after another: “We Come One” by Faithless, “Until The End Of Time” by 2pac, “Star Guitar”by The Chemical Brothers, “Can We Get Much Higher” by Kanye West, “You Can’t Hold The Torch” by Busta Rhymes, and “Lose Yourself”by Eminem and “Everytime” by Britney Spears,

Furthermore, when Just Another Superstar was laying ground work for his debut during the last five years or so, he got a lot of direct influence from music in TV series, movies and games, like 24, Shield, Friday Night Lights, Grey’s Anatomy, Southland Tales, GTA, Need For Speed and countless Hollywood films.

All of this aims to a pop culture franchise – [undisclosed] that spans all entertainment culture and is based on an original business model, which shares wealth with those who partake creating it, even if by being just a fan and a consumer. These texts are one part of this powerful poetic performance, which has been boiling behind the scenes, and which I have had a privilege to observe the better last decade, and it is unfolding right now in front of your eyes.

The music and songs you will hear soon enough, I presume, once they are recorded, but if asked how I would describe Just Another Superstars’ music he wants to put out as a pop artist in contrast to being instrumentalist and experimental electronic musician in the past. Let me put it this way – imagine Kanyeminem mating with Bjork seven years in Tibet, while listening Star Guitar composed by Mozart on a speedball, then yeah, something like that and yet something else.

He says it better and love this quote by JAS “So far electronic music has been all about sound and faceless mind-connection and hip hop all about rhythm and emotional-connection with an in-your-face attitude. I combine those both worlds, and bring a bit of philosophy into the mixture.”

This (anonymous for the time being) biography has been edited and fact-checked by JAS.


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