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Bill Moyers Journal: What's the Future of the American Dream?

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
Date: 2017-04-04 19:30 More videos "American dream ideology essay paper"

The strategy of our elite has been to offer us a comfortable existence in exchange for our loss of conscience and humanity - bothersome and inconvenient reminders of our social responsibilities. Their main brainwashing tool, ironically, is our own Constitution, specifically the first amendment that underwrites the lies that must be told in order to trigger our fears and desires and to fuel our ignorance of reality.

Policy Review | Hoover Institution

8. THOU SHALT ALWAYS REVEAL WHEN THE OFFICIALS ARE ANGRY OR ARROGANT. It should be reported as news who is excluded from access to politicians and news sources. Who interviewees refuse to talk to speaks volumes all by itself, not to mention revealing the ethics and moral courage (or lack thereof) of the interviewees who duck reporters. As a group, all reporters should refuse to interview anyone who attempts to pick and chose who will be doing the interviews.

The Myth of American Exceptionalism | The National Interest

For any hope of an American Dream, there has to be handling of the overpopulation issue and a full and complete restoration of the Bill of Rights. Those who advocated and allowed torture need to be tried in a Nuremberg-like trial series. They need to be impeached and removed from the offices of responsibility that they held from the presidency on down.
OVERPOPULATION is a big problem that must be addressed seriously and immediately for there to be any hope for the American Dream for anyone. Even your shows fail to address this urgent social issue sufficiently. I would definitely like to see you cover this issue at great length.

The Forgotten Truth About Why America Invaded Iraq - Vox

No, it's not such a perfect democracy, and I would argue "thank goodness." Certainly, with the same tools that bring us all together here, we actually now live in a world where the "perfect" democracy could be at least technologically feasible, but be careful what you wish for. Yes, it's certainly technically possible that every citizen in America could be granted the computer access to vote in real time on every governing issue, whether that issue be local, state or national. There you have it, perfect democracy.

Then the governments juggle the numbers to make the inflation figures seem artificially low, so everyone's retirement portfolio will make them happy so they will continue to buy and consume on it goes..IT IS ALL WE KNOW and the bill is coming due soon!

What is most amazing to me is the profound silliness of this fallacy that markets must somehow be completely "free" of all government regulation. By definition, there is just no such thing as a "free market." Just at the basic level, markets cannot exist without both government defined and enforced property rights and government defined and enforced contractual rights.

Perhaps once again the majority of Americans have a system of "taxation without representation" since it appears that many of their elected officials haven't got a clue, or a care, about the real needs of the people. Sometimes I wonder if they are even aware, ( with the exception of Senator R. Byrd's for his pleas to his fellow Senators to vote against the war ) of just what their sacred duty is to the people or to America. The elite's collective concern for the American people seems to be approaching "throw them a few crumbs" or more arrogantly, "let them eat cake"!

I read that some fundamentalist Christian groups are currently trying to separate South Carolina from the rest of the Union. I genuinely hope they succeed in seceding. If they gain momentum on the concept, that means we might have a chance to do the same up in my neck of the woods for exactly the opposite reasons.

The American Dream has perished. The middle class has ceased to exist. Before you disagree, please look at the rest of the argument. I wrote about it on my blog:

If you often find yourself dismissing your interlocutors as fools or scoundrels, and you hear the words "we need more dialogue" coming out of your mouth, at least be honest with yourself. When you complain about the need for more dialogue in this way, without showing the patience and respect needed to engage in it, your statement can mean nothing more than "more people should listen to me and people who think like me." I assure you, everyone else feels that way-including your opponents.

Bill Moyers Journal: What's the Future of the American Dream?

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