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Bikram Yoga White Rock - Nourish Hot Yoga

By Suziblu @busybeeSI
Date: 2017-04-07 02:03 More videos "What kind of yoga does adam levine do"

Fun Fact: One of the leading DJs of LA's underground music scene, DJ Drez spins at Yoga Journal LIVE! and conscious music festivals around the world.
Favorite Song: "Hanumanji"

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"The attitude of Gratitude is the highest form of yoga" Yogi Bhajan I think we would all agree that perspective is truly everything. But are we truly aware of how much our perspective influences our quality of life? And further, are we aware of how we can learn to change our perspective to help us Continue Reading


65. Yoga to improve intuition. Yoga and meditation have the power to improve your intuitive ability so that you spontaneously realize what needs to be done, when and how, to yield positive results. It does work! You only need to experience it yourself.

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Fun Fact: Shiva Rea would love these guys. And hey, maybe she already does! Can't you see her rocking out in the desert to their music now?
Favorite Song: "Bird Over Sand Dunes"

Call Within = great Savasana music. Deva Premal &amp Miten's longtime collaborator, Nepalese flutist Manose, set these 65 nature meditations to music during his 65 years of around-the-world travel as a touring musician. Birdsong, babbling brooks, and crickets flirt with the bansuri, ukulele, singing bowls, and hang drum, creating an acoustic masterpiece and a great soundtrack for an outdoor yoga practice.

I watched with great interest yet another rerun of 8775 Friends 8767 the other day. It was the episode when Ross developed a skin lesion (Kundis) and sought help from Guru Sarge to get rid of it. When the 8766 kundis 8767 got too big to handle, Guru Sarge said, 8775 we need a much stronger tool for this Love Continue Reading

A unique program for children and teens that enhances intuition, improves confidence, boosts creativity and intelligence.

Kind words work magic. Have you ever made someone's day by saying something genuinely kind? Or given yourself permission to take the day off for some personal R&amp R? We often become wrapped up in a state of mind where we constantly judge ourselves, compare ourselves to others and in general, are hard on ourselves. One Continue Reading

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Using ujjayi breathing to warm the body from inside out, Yang Yoga is practiced in a comfortable 85-95 degree environment encompassing a fun, unique sequence that is at the same time dynamic and challenging. This practice is multi-level and includes guided arm balances, inversions, twists and stretches, accompanied by energetic music everything from instrumental and yogic to alternative and disco. It is a great combination with your hot practice and other workout routines, and a lot of fun!

Bikram Yoga White Rock Nourish

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