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Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Has Put Her And Hubby Hov’s Matrimony-dom In The Best Place Ever

Posted on the 21 February 2017 by Sumithardia

Sweet Black Love: Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Marriage In The Best Place
Congratulations are in order for the coupled up Carters, who are said to be experiencing the happiest time in their marriage EVER right now as she carries their unborn twins. Apparently it’s not just the baby news that has them over the moon, but also the way they’ve carved out time and space for each other over the last year.
“Jay and Beyoncé are in the best place in their marriage,” an insider told E!News “They have allotted more time for themselves as a couple over this past year, and that has helped them build together.”
The source continued, “Jay and B have always wanted a big family. So when they got that huge news and surprise that they were having twins, they were both so happy. They have been trying for a while now so these babies are a true gift from God to them.”

This pregnancy is definitely a blessing. You can tell that things seem to be much better. Bey is smiling and glowing and Jay also seems to be more relaxed than in the past. Not to mention how Blue Ivy has matured! We’re glad to see the Carters finally bringing her to more events — like All Star game on Sunday. According to reports, Blue is really excited for her new role in the family too.
The insider dished, “Blue likes to feel Beyoncé’s belly and seems to be looking forward to being an older sister.”
On the downside, Bey is facing some challenges with this pregnancy, but she’s doing her best to avoid gaining too much weight.

“Beyoncé is tired and more out of breath than usual,” the source said. “She is eating clean but still has her cheat days. She has some sweet and salty cravings but trying to still not gain as much weight that can come on while carrying twins. She is very aware of what she puts in her body.”
The insider also notes, “She has doctors and nutritionists that are helping her with this pregnancy. Overall, she is feeling good and can’t wait to welcome these babies into this world.”

We bet! Anyone who has carried babies knows having them thangs leaning on your bladder all the time ain’t really the business… As fo now though, Bey is still planning to do as much as she can during her pregnancy — even to fulfill her Coachella duties — but once she gives birth she will be taking a well deserved break.

“After Beyoncé has her babies, she is going to take some time off for herself and her family,” our source revealed. “She needs a break, but her breaks are always productive and creative. Beyoncé is always thinking so I wouldn’t be surprised if some amazing ideas came up while she is taking time off.”
Y’all know what that means. She’s probably gonna cook up another album postpartum. Good thing Hubby Hov is back in good graces. He doesn’t want them “Lemonade” level problems again!

Source: bossip.com

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