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Beware the Snake Oil Salesmen of Social Media Boosting

Posted on the 04 February 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters


When I started a new business I was at a loss as to how to increase my visibility, mainly on the web. After a lot of research I found that the more likes and followers you have on social media, the more visibility you got. It’s a great way to increase your customer base and its cheap marketing. One question remained, however. How could one get more likes and followers? There were two options. I could wait while my business grew and over time collect the numbers that would in turn bring more numbers. Or, I could jump into the multi-million dollar marketing business of buying real Facebook likes and Twitters followers.

By purchasing those much needed likes and followers others who visit my pages would be more likely to like and follow as well. On the other hand, it would be taking a risk that those likes would be fake, unrelated or never come at all.  And sadly, there are a lot of companies who just do that. They promise real, local followers but take your money and send you spam from the other side of the world that only raise the number by a small degree if at all. Those who “liked or followed” won’t interact with the site at all, which is one of the reasons you want more likes. So your customers can interact and talk about the company.

After much deliberation I decided to go ahead and buy real Twitter followers, and at first I was very disappointed. I tried out the services at and was excited to get things rolling as they promised a fast turnaround. Not only did it take forever to get the number of followers I wanted but those followers had no background to warrant it. They weren’t from the area, not even close and they never once participated on my site. All they did was marginally boosted my numbers. When I confronted about it, they did nothing. They didn’t even bother to reply to me. Worst customer service ever in my opinion.

Despite the less then happy experience with one scummy site, I was still interested in expanding my network of influence. The next place I tried to buy real Facebook likes was, and once again I was left with false promises. Their flashy site looked good at the start but they just didn’t deliver.  I wanted to promote my site in the US market so I proceeded to buy USA Facebook likes. After they delivered the fans I checked my Facebook insights only to find that all of the fans came from Turkey! I paid quite a bit more for US fans and did not get them. I found their customer service rude and pushy and once again the likes I got only served to plump the numbers by a small degree.

Then I found and couldn’t be happier. Not only do they offer real likes and followers that actually participate on my pages but their site is packed with information on how to increase your business, use marketing efficiently and so on. They have the best customer service I’ve encountered, very friendly and timely. They find you real people who are interested in what you have to offer, not just mouse clickers. Because those likes are real, they bring with them even more likes as they tell their friends about you. I opted to buy US Facebook likes and was pleasantly surprised when I checked my Facebook insights they were all from the US! Not only that, but their rates are very reasonable; especially when you consider that they do follow through with what they promise and their wonderful customer service. Best of all, they explained why it works, gave ideas on how to take things further and helped me improve on my social media performance as well.

 Watch This Video And Learn Why Your Business Needs’s Services:

Like with any other online venture, social media is full of people who want to take your money and leave you with false promises. But within all those scammers there are some honest companies that really do what they say they are going to do. is one of those. There are some diamonds hidden in the rough but heed my warning (Beware the Snake Oil Salesmen!)

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