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Between the Best Hunting Dogs Shows the Great Basenji Dog Breed

By Dogbreeds

Between the dogs of intermediate size we can find the basenji dog. This type of canine is one of the medium dog breeds that distinguishes for being independent and with a hunting origin. In order to give us an idea of its size, we can say that its approximate height is 16 inches (43 cm), and can get a weight of 24 pounds. Referring to its average time of life, this breed can leave about 10 years.

Basenji Dog Breed Picture

photo via: dooziedog.com

Having its origins from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this tracker canine has a lot of similarities with cats due to the fact it often laps its hair to keep itself clean. Some special things about this dog are its quality of restless, playful, independent and attached to its owner. The most common colors for this breed are red and white, black and white, black, or fire and white.

Different from other breeds, the basenji does not bark to much, and contrary from this it communicates with deep and long lasting howls because its vocal cords are very similar to the ones of a wolf. If you like to go to the countryside and hunt, this dog will be without doubt your perfect partner.

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