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Bet Shemesh is One of the Leading Cities in Israel... with Measles

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to Ynet, the Health Ministry published a table of the countrywide measles outbreak.
It might be a surprise to you, but the leading cities on the list are all haredi cities, or cities with substantial Haredi populations. Only one in the top ten is a secular city with no significant Haredi population.
The city at the top of the board is Jerusalem with 1403 diagnosed cases of measles, followed by Bet Shemesh with 430. This is followed by cities such as Tzfat, Beitar, Bnei Braq and others. The secular city in the list is Tel Aviv, taking 8th place with 109 cases.
Bet Shemesh is one of the leading cities in Israel... with measles
These numbers are absolute - the number of cases diagnosed. I would like to see the ratings per capita and see which city places where. Tel Aviv might drop off the list entirely, while Bet Shemesh, Beitar or Tzfat might jump out in front.
With Bet Shemesh normally coming in at the tail end of various statistics, this is not the one we finally want to be leading in.
And, again, I hope the Minister of Health, outgoing and whoever the incoming will be (likely the same but not definitely), is putting together a plan to combat this outbreak. We've heard nary a word about it until now from the Deputy Minister of Health. I think that needs to change.
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