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Best Waterbed Mattress Reviews: Top Waveless Waterbeds in 2020

By Richard Morse @insidebedroom

Our best waterbed mattress reviews provide you with all the information need to a) decide to use a waterbed mattress and b) to choose the most appropriate brand for you. We provide you with a Buyer's Guide after the options we believe to be the top waveless waterbeds in 2020. You can use these waterbed mattress reviews as a guide to help you make your own choice of the waterbed, or even to decide if you want such a mattress rather than a traditional foam or innerspring option.

What does a waterbed mattress offer you:

  • Even support for your whole body
  • Good, restful sleep
  • Keeps you cool at night
  • No sagging of the mattress
  • Easy cleaning
  • No bedbugs getting into the mattress
  • No absorption of perspiration into the mattress
  • Great for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • No need for turning or flipping as your mattress wears

These are just some of the benefits offered by a waterbed mattress. Waveless waterbeds do not generate waves of water as you move: they are compartmentalized so as to avoid this annoying property of some waterbeds. Our Buyer's Guide below provides more information on waveless and semi-waveless waterbeds.

Best Waterbed Mattress Reviews Table of Contents

Here are our top 5 waveless waterbeds for 2020. Our best waterbed mattress reviews focus on the waveless waterbed type because they offer a more comfortable and stable sleeping surface. The waveless level is stated in each individual review when provided.

Best Waterbed Mattress

* full warranty; 2nd figure: pro-rated (warranty reduces with age of mattress)

** Warranty totally pro-rated

NS: Not stated

Note: Please check our Buyer's Guide below for information on the terms used in a waterbed mattress description and specification. Here are details of the top waveless waterbeds found in our best waterbed mattress reviews 2020.

1. Perfections Softside Waterbed Deep Fill 750 System

The Perfections Softside Deepfill 750 System waterbed mattress comes with many features not offered with most other waterbed mattresses. The mattress bottom is designed to keep it in place on the bed without slipping. It also has a soft cotton and bamboo stretch knit cover panel for maximum comfort. The mattress distributes your weight evenly over the whole surface for maximum comfort and support.

This is a softside waterbed mattress that does not require a hard-sided base. Its 4-way hook and eyelet tethered support system maintains the stability of the mattress. It comes with many other benefits such a heater and temperature control system and a fill and drain kit.

Editor's Notes: This is a high quality softside waterbed mattress that can lie on any solid mattress base. Available in Queen (reviewed), King and Cal King sizes, you will go a long way to find a waterbed mattress of similar quality. Its 22 mil aqua marine 8-layer support system is of excellent quality, and it also has a 12 mil vinyl safety layer for added security. It comes with features not available with lower-priced waterbeds.

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2. California King 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Sold by Mattress Covers, this 95% waveless California king waterbed mattress has a contour mid-body support which allows your spine to attain its normal curvature when you seep. Its waveless design ensures that you experience just 3-4 seconds of slow movement and a comfortable sleeping surface.

The heavy duty vinyl cover (thickness not stated) is reinforced at the corners. This is a high-quality 95% waveless waterbed mattress suitable for any type of sleeper - and it is made in the USA. One of the few waterbed mattresses that are!

Editor's Notes: This is an excellent waterbed mattress that gives proper support to your spine, and can help relieve lower back or lumbar pain. The low wave movement renders it very comfortable to sleep on, irrespective of how you sleep. Whether you sleep on your belly, your back or your side, this California King waterbed mattress provides you with a healthy level of support.

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3. Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme

The Boyd waveless mattress also has a 4-point tethered system for excellent support. As most others, it should be supported in a hard-sided waterbed frame of the same dimensions: 84" x 60" x 9". The mattress is designed to support your weight evenly and provide good lumbar support for those with bad backs. The 4-layer system is claimed to reduce waves to about 99% motion reduction.

Editor's Notes: The notes are the same as for the previous waterbed mattress option. A waterbed mattress that will give you excellent support no matter how you sleep. If you have pain in your lower back, then try a waterbed, or failing that, a memory foam mattress may also help your condition. Try this first since it is least expensive of your options.

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4. InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress

The Innomax Genesis 800 Ultra is a King-size waveless waterbed mattress to be used with a rigid side box frame to hold the mattress in place. It contains a multi-layer system that eliminates waves. It practically eliminates movement in the waterbed to contour the mattress to your body, allowing as near a perfect alignment of your body as possible for a wonderfully comfortable night's sleep.

This waterbed mattress features a 'Sculpted Body Profile' sleeping surface and an enhanced support system for your mid-body region. The 4-way tethered support provides good stability, and the cover is premium 24 mil vinyl. It requires a frame and can be used with a heater that is sold separately.

Editor's Notes: Those that have never used or purchased a waterbed mattress before may be confused with some of the terms used. These are unique to waterbeds, and are explained in our Buyer's Guide below. The closest type of traditional mattresses to a waterbed mattress are latex and memory foam mattresses.

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You get good support from each, just as a waterbed offers even support for the various pressure points of your body - no matter how you sleep (back, front or side.) The 20-year warranty is prorated thus:

Years 1 - 3: replaced at no charge

Years 4 - 6: you pay 60% of current price for a replacement

Years 7 - 9: you pay 70%

Years 10-12 you pay 80%

Years 13-20 you pay 90%

Other prorated warranties operate in a similar way.

5. Classic California Waterbed Mattress

If you want a full movement waterbed, then the Classic California is ideal for you! For the first 15-20 seconds or more after lying on this mattress you will get a feeling as thought you are floating on water. This is what many people want with a waterbed mattress: not an alternative to a foam mattress that never moves them!

This free-flowing waterbed relaxes your muscles, distributes your weight and allows you to feel as though you are falling asleep in the ocean! If you don't like the feel of moving water beneath you, then this is not for you. If you do, then the Classic California Waterbed Mattress is perfect for you. The 22 Mil virgin Vinyl with reinforced corners is ideal for those that love traditional waterbeds that make feel as though they are sleeping on the ocean!

Editor's Notes: This waterbed mattress is perfect for anybody that likes to lie on a free flowing waterbed. Many people like the sensation of moving water beneath them and this can provide it - at a relatively low cost! The 22 ml vinyl is thick enough to offer support without failing, although some feel it is not clear enough to view the water beneath it!

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Waterbed Mattress Buyer's Guide

This guide will help you to make the correct choice when buying a waterbed mattress. First, we shall discuss some of the advantages of waterbed mattresses and why people buy them. A major reason is a comfort and support.

Waterbed mattresses support your body evenly. They offer less resistance to the pressure of your body than any other type of mattress, including memory foam. This means that they press less against your body while sleeping, and they also do this without sagging. Most beds will sag after a period of time, but not waterbeds. No matter how much you weigh, a waterbed mattress will support your weight indefinitely.

Waterbed Mattresses and Health

Many in the medical profession are of the opinion that the highest quality of sleep comes from a mattress that offers the correct support. That does not mean the hardest mattress is best, but the one that supports your weight evenly without too much pressure on your pressure points: your shoulders, hips and knees. It is also a mattress that helps maintain the natural S-shaped curve of your spine.

A waterbed mattress does all of that. Your body conforms to its natural shape when you sleep on a waterbed mattress. This helps both to prevent lower back pain and to help cure it. Those who have never slept on a waterbed have no conception of how comfortable it is, and how relieving it can be for those with back, hip and shoulder pain. A waterbed mattress helps you to get well and stay well.

Most people do not toss and turn in a waterbed because there is no undue pressure being exerted on their pressure points, pressing on muscles, nerves and impeding the flow of blood. This naturally leads to a better quality of sleep and so you feel more refreshed each morning and free of pain caused by excess pressure.

Hygienic Sleeping Surface

A waterbed mattress is a hygienic surface to sleep on. The mattress can't absorb perspiration and it does not offer an attractive surface for bed bugs or dust mites. If you have a zippered cover on your vinyl mattress, then you can remove it for washing on a regular basis and remove any skin cells and the dust mites that live on them.

It is the most hygienic surface to sleep on than any other type of mattress can offer. If you suffer from allergies or asthma then a waterbed mattress is ideal for you. It is easily kept clean and free from dust and other allergens that may affect you. Regular mattresses absorb perspiration and get clogged with skin cells, dust, hair, pet dander and bacteria. Simply wipe the mattress with a damp cloth and wash any cover or under-blanket and that's it. Good as new and very hygienic!

Adjustable Support and Temperature Control

You can adjust the level of support of your waterbed mattress by increasing or reducing the amount of water in it. You can also adjust the temperature of your mattress. Some of the more expensive waterbeds give a temperature readout and the ability to increase or reduce the temperature with the press of a button. Not only that but will never have to turn or flip your mattress because it does not sag or form depressions.

Buying a Mattress: Should You Purchase a Waterbed Mattress?

It's a difficult decision for many people. What type of mattress should they buy? Innerspring, latex foam, memory foam - which? Many never take a waterbed mattress into consideration. The thought never arises! Why? Because of misconceptions and because they are unsure what to look for. Here are some of these misconceptions:

A waterbed is expensive! No, it isn't! You can buy a waterbed mattress for less than the average memory foam mattress. In any case, price becomes relatively unimportant when you consider the health benefits, the comfortable, refreshing sleep they offer and the fact they can last for 25 years or more! There are many misconceptions about waterbeds, but those who take the leap and buy one have been delighted with it!

Buying a Waterbed: What to Look For

The majority of the waterbed mattresses we have reviewed are what are known as hardside, and one is softside. What's the difference?

Hardside Mattress: This type of mattress needs a solid frame to support the base and all four sides. Without a box frame, the sides of the mattress will be unsupported and liable to flop out sideways.

Softside Mattress: A softside waterbed mattress is constructed more robustly, and does not need side support. If you already have a solid base for your mattress then you should be able to use it with a softside waterbed mattress. Softside waterbed mattresses usually come zippered inside a soft fabric cover for comfort.

Water Motion in a Waterbed Mattress

The original waterbeds were fairly floppy, with significant wave motion when you lay on them. Some people may have liked the feeling, but many did not. Things have improved over time, and now you can find waterbed mattresses with varying degrees of wave motion.

Free Flow: The water flows freely in free-flow waterbed mattresses. There are no baffles to prevent the natural movement of water. They make you feel as if you are floating in water with almost constant motion every time you move. You need a wooden frame to hold such mattresses.

Semi-Waveless: A semi-waveless mattress has had the floating feeling, or water movement, restricted by foam inserted into the mattress. It lies somewhere between free flow and the waveless waterbed mattress explained next.

Waveless: There are degrees of 'wavelessness' available. Semi-waveless mattresses are around 90% - 95% waveless while so-called 'waveless' mattresses are 95% waveless and above. Some, such as our #3 choice, is claimed to be 99% waveless. Water movement of a waveless waterbed mattress is restricted by the insertion of foam and fiber into the mattress.

What Else to Look For When Buying a Waterbed Mattress

Look for a waveless mattress. Taking everything above into consideration, when buying a waterbed mattress look for one that is described as being 'waveless.' Also, check for reinforced corners. Most good waterbed mattresses are reinforced at the corners for strength and to ensure they remain firm when you are changing the bed linens.

Tethering is also important. All the mattresses we have reviewed above are tethered at each corner. This keeps the fiber layers centered by means of connections of elastic ribbon or cord between the fiber layers and the bottom of the mattress.

Vinyl Gauge: Check for the gauge of the vinyl. A good waterbed mattress should be at least 22 mil (one mil = one thousandth of an inch - NOT one millimeter). Not all manufacturers state this thickness, including two of those we have reviewed.

Warranty: Check the warranty and make sure you are happy with it. Most waterbed mattresses come with a good warranty, though they may be what is known as prorated. One of the mattresses we reviewed, #4 above, offers a 20-year warranty. It is prorated as explained in the review of our #4 (Innomax Genesis 800 Ultra).

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people get confused when looking for a waterbed mattress. They are not like ordinary mattresses, and here is a selection of the questions we have been asked.


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