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Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

By Kencoul

Unlock more horsepower and torque by using one of these best tuners for 5.7 Hemi RAM.

Having a reliable tuner is one of the niftiest ways to improve an engine's performance. Although truck manufacturers typically structure the ECU in a specific way that they think is good, owners still think that they can maximize the output by calibrating various parameters through tuning to achieve its maximum potential. With proper tuning, you can experience smoother shifting, boosted speed and increased fuel economy and all these are proven after an actual performance test. If you own a 5.7 Hemi Ram, you might want to look at which tuners will work best. Therefore, we have collated the most efficient tuners that have proven their added performance for years.

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Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

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Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Achieve the optimum functionality of your truck by using the Bully Dig 40470 BDX Performance Programmer. This will allow you to have that power to pull loads or increase speed and drivability through its well-structured tunes. It works on the Dodge Ram Hemi 5.7, however, for additional assurance, you can visit their website and key in the exact year model of your truck.

Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Display and Installation Reminders

The Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer is a handheld tuner that is about the size of your mobile device. It has a full-color display so you can easily see the options during the tuning process. It is not touch screen but it has four arrow and an OK button to help you navigate the unit well.

Although it is typically used as a handheld device, you can actually mount it on your dashboard. You'll notice a magnet at the back that you can stick to a specialized suction holder that you need to purchase separately.

To download custom tunes or update the firmware of the device, you need to have an internet connection. This can be done in 3 ways: via WIFI connection, through your computer or by downloading the updater software from the Bully Dog site. Don't forget to update your performance programmer before you start tuning so as to ensure that you can do the process seamlessly and error-free. The manufacturer habitually updates their device so as to fix issues from the previous firmware. It will also allow you to take advantage of their added calibration updates.

The Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer comes with pre-programmed tunes with adjustable parameter capability that you can quickly incorporate on your truck. However, if these existing ones do not satisfy you or you don't feel that much needed massive boost, you can contact Bully Dog or a tuning company to customize one for you. You don't have to be physically in their shop as they can send it on your email. Don't worry about deleting the pre-loaded ones as the device can hold us much as 10 tunes.

If you have encountered engine error signs on your truck, you can easily view trouble codes and clear them through this device. That's going to be a massive saving rather than visiting a dealership to do a scan.

Why it's a must-have?

Installation of the tunes using the Bully Dog 40470 BDX Performance Programmer is quick and easy. You don't need an extensive knowledge because of its straightforward instructions. You just need to connect the wire on your OBDII and turn your engine on so that your ECU is running and your tuner can connect to it. The entire tuning process will only take you 15 minutes at most.

The Bully Dog 40410 GT Performance Tuner does 4 things - tune, monitor, gauge and diagnose engine errors. With all these functionalities, you don't need to purchase several devices to do these things. This small yet power-packed thing can help you improve your truck and keep it working perfectly by just installing it on your OBDII port and mounting it on your dashboard.

Best Tuners for 5.7 Hemi Ram (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Display and Installation Reminders

The Bully Dog 40410 GT Performance Tuner's full-color display is about 2.4". There are buttons on each side of the screen to help you navigate the menu quickly, especially when you are loading the tune on your truck. The package comes with the unit, a MicroSD card to store the datalog and performance record, a plug adaptor, main wire harness, power line and suction mount. You surely have everything you need!

The display has four small monitors on the left that shows numerical data and a large monitor on the upper right that shows the main parameter in three ways: an analog gauge, an analog gauge with a graph, or just a graph. You can also immediately see the Driving Coach on the right side. It is a special monitoring tool exclusive on Bully Dog products that basically judges your driving style. As you drive along the road, it will show your driving efficiency and how much energy is wasted due to your poor habits. If you get a high rating, that means you are maximizing your fuel mileage.

Another remarkable feature is the Performance Test. First is the 0-60Kph test wherein it monitors how quick you have achieved the 60kph speed after you have stepped on the accelerator. You can also check the improvements on the torque and horsepower. Just take note that you need to set the appropriate weight of your vehicle so you can get an accurate data.

Why it's a must-have?

The Bully Dog 40410 GT Performance Tuner does not only increase your truck's horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency, it will also let you monitor several parameters through its well-designed display. All of these data will help on how you can improve your driving style to ensure that you will maximize their truck's functionality and prevent serious damage due to inappropriate habits.

Stop turning your wrench just for you to increase the horsepower of your truck - use Superchips 3845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner instead! This simple and functional handheld tuner will allow you to manually alter or load pre-tuned data saved on the device to help you boost the capabilities of your truck.

Display and Installation

The Superchips 3845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner is very sturdy so you don't have to worry in case you have accidentally dropped it. It is ergonomically designed to make it more comfortable for you to do the tuning, especially if you plan to change the parameters after you have used a pre-installed program.

The all new processor that goes with it makes it a remarkable device especially if you want to upgrade your old Superchips programmer. The installation procedure is pretty quick and will only take you not more than 30 minutes to thoroughly improve your truck's performance.

As you start tuning your vehicle, the device shows you the progress through a percentile view. This will help you assess whether the device is communicating well with your ECU or there's a problem going on with the actual loading. It also automatically backs up your stock tune before it overwrites it. In that way, you can always go back to the manufacturer's set parameters in case you are not happy with how the device has modified your truck.

During the tuning process, you will be asked to turn your ignition on and off. Make sure that you will only do it when prompted.

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner comes with 5 pre-loaded tunes:

  • Tow - if you need to pull loads.
  • MileageXS SAVE - to increase the fuel efficiency. Ideal if you are using your truck on a daily basis.
  • 87 Octane - the most basic tune which changes your air and fuel mixture and firm up your shift points.
  • Performance 91 - if you are looking for the best upgrade, this is highly recommended, especially that 91 octane is the most popular fuel in the country.
  • Performance 93 - for an aggressively done tune, check this out! It will surely increase your speed, drivability and miles per gallon instantly.

During the installation, some trouble codes may come up. Don't worry as once you have finished loading a pre-tuned file, the device will automatically clear all these, especially if there's really nothing wrong with your Hemi Ram.

Why it's a must-have?

It's definitely expensive to immediately bring your truck to a mechanic in case you have seen some engine lights on only to find out that there's really nothing wrong. With the Superchips Flashpaq, you can run an initial scan to verify and clear the DTC afterwards. In case the engine light is still there, then that's the time to contact a professional for a repair.

You can also monitor up to 8 gauges through the device. However, since you cannot mount it, immediately seeing the data can be challenging.

DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX is one of the newest performance programmers that offer forthright updates on various Dodge RAM with 5.7 Hemi engine. It has high-performance tunes that surely improves the drivability of your car and increases fuel economy. Wickedly powerful truck - you'll surely get that boost by using this monster tuner!

Display and Installation

The DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer has a 5-inch, full-color touchscreen. It is very lightweight so you are guaranteed that you can securely mount it on your truck. It is also light-sensitive so the screen automatically activates its day and night mode to help you see your screen clearly. These display features would not hamper your travel and won't cause an issue especially when you need to monitor your truck's performance and safety.

You can customize the screen so it will show up to 5 gauges to help you assess whether you still need to calibrate it further to achieve its maximum capability.

The Trinity Programmer is the most innovative tuner on the market today. A tuner, a gauge monitor, and a data-logger - all rolled up into a single device. It is very user-friendly and can upgrade your ECU within just 15 minutes. Just don't forget to update the firmware through their ignition updater using your computer so that it will seamlessly connect to your truck. The process will only take 2 minutes to complete.

However, one issue that commonly arises with this device is that the screen freezes from time to time. You need to disconnect and reconnect the wire from the back of the unit to make it work once again.

Why it's a must-have?

If you want to squeeze every last drop of torque and horsepower out of your vehicle, the DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer is a great choice. It has a ChipMaster Revolution (CMR), an exclusive feature developed by the brand help out those truck enthusiasts to improve its drivability even more, after a tuning has been done. Tunable parameters include spark timing tables, fuel tables, Volumetric Efficiency, MAP Resolution, MAF curve adjustment, and so much more! If your truck lags, the DiabloSport Trinity Programmer can fix that problem by adjusting the throttle, which regulates the amount of air that comes in to your engine, to make it much more responsive.

Final Thoughts about the Tuners for Hemi Ram

These recommended tuners are guaranteed to deliver a boosted performance on your Hemi Ram. However, if you are really looking forward to having the best, make sure to get something that cannot just alter the parameters but also can assess the engine errors and monitor your gauges so you can maximize your money's worth. Other things to consider include the display for clear viewing, WIFI connectivity for immediate updates and downloading of new tunes, and ease of use.

Make your truck regain its lost power and experience better driving experience by getting one of these best tuners for your Hemi Ram today!

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