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Best Spf Ever: La Roche Posay Anthelios Xl Comfort Protective Oil Spf 50+ Review

By Reinesoignee @RSoignee
BEST SPF EVER: LA ROCHE POSAY ANTHELIOS XL COMFORT PROTECTIVE OIL SPF 50+ REVIEWVery impressed with La Roche-Posay Anthelios Comfort Protective Oil SPF 50+ . I never go outside without sun protection but the problem with SPFs is they are foret quite tricky to apply as most of them are white thick liquids or lotions. This one is oil so, naturally, to white streaks or visible residue or problems with having my picture taken for that matter.BEST SPF EVER: LA ROCHE POSAY ANTHELIOS XL COMFORT PROTECTIVE OIL SPF 50+ REVIEWIt just looks like you applied some beautifying oil to your skin. Not too greasy if applied in moderation, my skin just looks healthy and glowing with it. It's a UVA\UVB filter suitable for all skin types, water-resistant and non-comedogenic. It doesn't have that distinct SPF smell either but is slightly floral instead.
To summ it up - I'm in LOVE. Highly recommend!
Я просто в восторге от этого невидимого питательного масла. Мало того, что это SPF 50+, так оно еще и кожу увлажняет, и белых следов от SPF на ней не остается, и пахнет оно приятно, а не воняет, как большинство солнцезащитных кремов. Наношу за 20-30 минут до выхода из дома, а потом снова через 3 часа на улице. Ничего лучше еще не пробовала. И стоит совсем недорого. Всем советую!

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