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Best Place for Honeymoon in India: Kerala, Goa Or Kashmir

By Dinesh Singh @travellerpath

India is a great place when it comes to honeymooning. The reason behind the statement is the fact that the country is diverse and has all kinds of attractions and weather pattern. From the deserts of Rajasthan to the beaches of Goa to the historic charm of Mysore to the spiritualism of Kashmir, the country is counted amongst the best when it comes to honeymooning.

Kerala is often hailed as the best place for honeymoon in India. This state is small and quiet. Having an isolated location around the backwaters, it takes you to a world which is literally away from the cacophony of your familiar cities. From the houseboat rides on the lagoons to the elephant rides in the wildlife parks, you will cherish most of your moments spent in this destination. In addition, there are beaches and forts. Plus, if you do not mind a dash of Ayurvedic spa, then you won’t be able to resist the temptation of a Kerala tour.

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There is so much romance in the quietness of Kerala. However, it enjoys tough competition from Goa, which has a completely different personality. In comparison to the quiet tone of Kerala, Goa revels in its noise, late night parties, the casino culture, the beaches, the beer and the pubs. So, for some, the best place for honeymoon in India is synonymous with Goa. It is at this place that you can go parasailing or stay at the most luxurious resorts or walk hand in hand in the sunset at the beaches or stand over the mighty beachside forts.

Kashmir is the traditional favorite, and even though it is not quite as inviting or as special as it used to be a few decades back, some still find it as the heaven on Earth it used to be. So, it is difficult to pinpoint and declare any one destination as the best place for honeymoon in India. But if you are looking for the most popular destinations, then you can choose one between Goa, Kerala and Kashmir.Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar
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